In September 2005 Disability Rights Advocates For Technology, DRAFT, launched the Segs4Vets program with the goal of providing Segways to every United States Soldier whose service to our country resulted in disability and difficulty walking.

This is done by "Grass Roots" fundraising worldwide.

Personal experience with mobility problems is what brought me to DRAFT and to the Segs4Vets program. I know what use of the Segway has done for me and others with a wide variety of mobility related problems.

These American Heroes deserve the same.

WJLA ABC TV 7 News story & video:

Profiles for the recipients can be found on our web site.

The presentation ceremony on December 6 2006 was part of the Severely Injured Marines and Sailors Initiative Luncheon at the Army Navy Country Club. SIMS is a program that was started by the Secretary of the Navy in an effort to cut through all of the red tape and bureaucracy faced by our severely injured military personnel. All of the federal agencies which deal with programs to assist our severely injured are represented in this initiative and every month they gather to work together to find solutions to issues which they can apply system wide. Even though this initiative is under the Secretary of the Navy I believe all branches of service are participating in this very common sense approach. Assistant Secretary of the Navy, USMC Colonel William O'Brien left a private law practice in California to return to Washington, DC to head up this initiative and he is passionate about serving all of our severely injured military personnel.

The luncheon was presided over by Assistant Secretary of the Navy Barney Barnum and the Segs4Vets presentation was made by General Ed Eberhart who retired on January 1, 2005. At the time of his retirement General Eberhart was he Commander, North American Aerospace Defense Command, and the United States Northern Command. Our Segs4Vets program was conceived and started with the assistance of General Eberhart who is currently president of the Armed Forces Benefit Association headquartered in Alexandria Virginia.

We are also there for every disabled person.

The development of new technologies has profound implications for people with disabilities. It is creating products and environments offering them the opportunity to more fully participate in our society and enhance the quality of their lives.

Disability Rights Advocates for Technology is dedicated to promoting the increase in access to, provision of, and funding for, assistive technology devices and assistive technology services, in order to empower individuals with disabilities so that they can achieve greater independence, productivity, and integration and inclusion within the community and the workforce.

We have made major strides in the acceptance of the Segway as a mobility device.

Here is just one example of the major changes DRAFT has accomplished.

FTA Guidance on Segways and the disabled:

Please visit our website for more information about DRAFT and Segs4Vets.

Thank you for your time and have a Happy Holiday Season.


Alan Maccini
Advocate for DRAFT