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Thread: foley cath question

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    foley cath question

    my son is a 16 yo quad. He gets intermettent cath in the morning before school and once before his nightly care. We get 250cc on the average. He wears a condom catheter during the day because of his scedule. (school. extracurricular activites, etc.

    My question would him wearing a foley catheter and changing it every 5-7 days, encouraging him to do drink plenty of fluids, cranberry pills, good foley care, put at risk for UTi's or therisk the ame cathing him twice a day and having resuduals sit in his bladder like he is currently. My son is very activeplus he id going ti live on campus at when he goes to college and We fear if he has a "acident" his independence will be affected by having him to have the condom cath replaced. He fears that the aide would let him be wet than change him. This happened a few times when for the one month my wife went back to work, the aide just put a towel over his lap and let him sit in his own piss until school ended. The nurse in the school called my wife at work and tols she had to come and change him because they had no lift.

    thanks joe

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    If at all possible, it is better to do the intermittent cath. What you did not say was whether or not he is emptying his bladder regularily during the day. If he is, he is at less risk doing what he is doing.

    I understand the question from a personal point of view. No one wants to sit in urine- and hopefully, those events are done. But the reality is that they probably aren't. You didn't say what level of function he has- C4, C5, etc but if he has some hand function there may be some things that he can adapt to help him become more independent in this part of his care.

    Let me know what his level of function is and I might know of some tricks he can use.


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    Hello, SCI Nurse, We are both RN's ourselves. anyway, he empities via his Texas cath during the day. He is a C4-C5 and has biceps but no wrists. or fingers. He wears a brace with a pocket to feed himself. If there is a way to help in him in anyway to be less dependent on others in any of his ADL's pleace let us know. We want him to experience life apart from us and also to use his intelligence to his maximize his chance of being independent.

    thank you

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    Has he had the opportunity to try some of the environmental control systems that would give him some oppotunities to try some things that would give him independence. You can get information on these from an OT in a rehab setting that deals with individuals who have had severe injuries. Mt. Sinai in NYC has a good program, as does University of Rochester. Several other facilities on the east coast also have good programs.

    If you contact your local Office of Voacational Rehab they may be able to help.


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    Well, I am new to all this and since you and your wife are both RNs, you probably already know this.
    But I was just going to say that my husband was on a foley cath for many, many months and he ended up with pretty bad penile errosion. The whole head of his penis is spilt in two now. No one warned us that it was even possible but after it happened his doctor was just kind of like "Oh yea, that happens". Since then I did some reading and read that they can also cause internal errosion, in the bladder and urethra.
    Ok, that's my 2 cents. sorry if you already knew all that.

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    my son is c4/c5 complete and he has a superpubic cathater, it was a bit of trial and error getting one that didnt keep blocking, but now its changed every 6 weeks and seems to work ok. He doesnt have the embaressment of an accident whilst at 6th form.

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