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Thread: 19 Year Old Nephew C6 C7 Complete

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    Hi AuntLore,

    It's great that you are tapping into such experience at CC. My 2 cents includes getting Nick in the pool as much as possible and , of course, work those hands! I was in the same boat after my motocoss accident (Vet Pro) in Boise, Idaho almost 4 yrs ago. When I left the inpatient PT I could barlely close my left hand. It took time and effort, but strength can return.

    I'm impressed with MX SCI folks because they understand working out everyday anyway and that's what is required to at least keeping atrophy from happenning.

    A SCI friend of mine told me while I was in the hostpital, "things will get better." It does, but it's work. Also, they say that most get return in the first 6 mo., but it could take 2 yrs. My return started at 13 mo. post and here it is almost 4 yrs and I feel new stuff everyday! Pat

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    When I hear from people like you, who know better than anyone else, that improvement can come, even four years later, it's encouraging. I want Nick to be on this site and see replies like yours -- he needs to hear this for himself. I wish he could while he's an inpatient, but the wireless is too weak in his room. He needs to hear what it will take and what can be gained. He wants to regain the use of his fingers and I think it's so important to know that it can take a long time. I don't want him to give up. He can go back and read this thread when he gets home. I'll make sure that he does.

    He has had a few motocross or even street bike accident SCI injuried people stop by to see him, to tell him what to expect, what worked for them, etc. Those visits are always good for him.

    I remember that Nick wouldn't go knee-boarding with us a couple of summers ago (the summer of the shark attacks in Florida) because he was worried about sharks. I thought then, here he'll speed around a track and thinks knee-boarding is too dangerous. I was wondering if a pool wouldn't be good, under the right circumstances -- it looks like it is. Is there anything special about the pool that we need to know or is that a standard therapy?

    When you were an inpatient, was there anything that you especially wanted people to bring to you in the hospital?

    Thanks for your reply and I wish you continued recovery.


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    Beautiful picture, Lore! Nick is certainly lucky to have you looking out for him. You've learned alot already having found this site. Too bad he can't get onto the computer himself. Back when I was in rehab, my son set up an email account on the shared computer in the common room and it was great to communicate with family & friends as well as get on the web.
    I belong to a local YMCA with a pool and exercise room that is fully accessible although I always have someone with me. There are physical therapists that provide water therapy ~ it's great exercise and feels so great to be in the water. Has Nick started any therapy yet? I seem to remember he had a wound that delayed his start.
    Again, it's so great that you're so involved ~ I'm sure it's so very much appreciated. Continue to encourage him and the family.

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    I don't think there is a common computer room at Jackson in his rehab building where Nick is located, but I'll check. They do have wireless, it's just weak in his wing. My son has taken his computer to the opposite side of the building and it will work ... not well enough to download a song, but better than in the room.

    Nick's pressure sore healed and he was able to start therapy two weeks ago. They have him working pretty much six days a week, from about 9 to 4 -- from brushing his teeth to learning to lift his legs with a strap. Sometimes it's frustrating, but he doesn't want people to do things for him unless he asks. He's really amazing how he has so much control over his attitude. He's not letting the injury control him. I'm so impressed and so is everyone that meets him.

    I can imagine that the pool would be good. I had labor for my daughter in water, not that that is the same, but I remember the relief the support of the water gave me. Therapy in a pool is an option that we might find closer to his house when he goes home -- like you, at a YMCA. I'm going to check into it.

    I've made some wonderful contacts through this Website and through other friends of friends. The best advice (by far) comes from people, like you, who have been there. I think I'm going to see if there's a way to get dial up in his room during this time.

    On my picture, it's out of focus. I think I cropped and reduced the pixal size so much it made it blurry. I'll have to try again.

    Thanks for your advice. I hope you have a safe and happy new year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423
    Check out this post for avatars, it includes posting pictures from your hadrdrive

    It is basically a case of using the paperclip icon on the top row.
    Thanks so much for telling me how to post pictures. Now that I know how, I'm going to post a picture of our pets, and of Nick and family on Christmas Eve at my house. Too cool!


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    I rehab in my pool almost every weekend. Its great cause it makes everything weightless. I work on alot of balance I can kneel on my knees and tread water which isgood upper body excercise. It took me almost 2-3 months to get a twitch outta my finger so tell him not to strees out to much.
    A few guys i play rugby with have gotten return as late as 10 yrs!!! I wish Jackson was much closer to Tampa I'd come see Nick as much as possible. I had a few guys visit me every weekend that had been in our shoes which helped alot. I'm going to try and get to Jackson when i'm in West Palm for our rugby tourney if its still o.k with you guys.
    As far as things i wanted people to bring when I was in rehab all I wanted was good food!!! lol I would have people bring me dinner every night. I was spoiled!!! Outback,winghouse,subway..etc

    I have also messaged nick on his myspace page. Tell him to keep working hard!! Us bike racers are hardheaded I never wanted help and still try not to ask for help my GF calls me stubborn all the time
    C5-6 Feb 05

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    you could always print these pages and take them to his room.

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    how much longer will he be at JMH?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wheelz99
    you could always print these pages and take them to his room.
    Great idea. I'll do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wreckd
    how much longer will he be at JMH?
    He'll be at Jackson another five or six weeks. The target date for release is February 10, but he has a lot to learn between now and then.

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