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Thread: 19 Year Old Nephew C6 C7 Complete

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    that is correct.

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    I just checked back in. Who is his physical therapist? Is Cathy still the head PT?? She is excellent.

    I was first in one of the four person rooms down the hall in front of the TV room, then was transferred to room 102 I believe, the first one on the left coming in, a single person room.

    I am sorry to hear about the pressure sore. He should be turned every two hours or so, and do his weight shifts when in the wheelchair. I am lucky that I have never had one. I was held up by a body cast (TLSO) and a broken right wrist. Was sent home early and depended mostly on my outpatient therapy, which as someone said, is not as intensive.

    I think that at C6/7 which I believe is his level, he will regain full use of his diaphragm and hopefully will breathe on his own.

    The atmosphere is kind of dark, but stick it out. They see a lot of SCI cases and when I was there there were a lot of out of state patients who had chosen Jackson as the best alternative.

    I´ll look into his web site. Best of luck, this period is crucial. God willing he will make the best of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by AuntLore
    Your message makes me feel a lot better. The atmosphere at Jackson was depressing, not in Nick's room (which was full of family and friends), but the hallways. I do need to visit the Miami Project, soon, and talk to people who have been there.

    His birthday is next Monday. He'll be 20. I'm going to take in chocolate fondue and strawberries with whip cream (his favorite). I plan on visiting often and bought him an IPod today engraved with his name and racing number (#451) for his birthday. He's made it clear he doesn't like the hospital food. My sister is bringing in outside food whenever possible.

    He's got a pressure sore and apparently half of his diaphram isn't working causing a lung to collapse, but the PT techs think, with work, he can regain more use of his diaphram. They'll start in earnest once the pressure sore heals. I can't believe how quickly that came up.

    Thanks for your support. And thanks to everyone who has sent Nick a message on his Website ( Next time I go in, I'll get him started on this site.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    I just checked his web site. He was quite good. Motocross is such an exciting sport, too bad it is so dangerous. I was a veterans class racer, my accident happened when I was 39, I am 42 now (Yeah, I also ask myself what the heck I was doing jumping on a bike at 39, I actually thought I would do it well into my 50´s).

    I think Dr. Green operates cervical injuries. My doctor was Stephen Vanni, even though very cold with patients I am convinced that he saved my life.

    I have not been able to read the whole thread. I do think that he and his family are now going through absolutely the worst part of SCI. Hopefully he will show improvement. No matter what though, things will get better.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    So you were a rider, too. I never really understood the thrill of riding (considering the risks) until I read Frank's (Nick's Dad) letter on Nick's Website.

    Dr. Green said he would try to arrange for Nick to go to the Seminole track with an attendant this Sunday (12/17) for the race to benefit him. Nick was already the featured rider of the race prior to his accident, with his photo on the trophies and shirts. That would mean so much to Nick and the whole family if Nick could be there.

    Honda is auctioning off two new bikes that he was to ride in 2007 through eBay to benefit Nick. has him featured. Everyone is being so generous and supportive.

    I don't know the PT's name, but I'll find out when I go on Friday. Hospitals are depressing, but if they can help Nick, nothing else matters. I'm going to take chocolate fondue and strawberries and whipped cream. That's happy food! (Actually, fondue has a significant place in his mother's and my life. She and I, plus another friend, go away every fall to NC to a cabin on top of a mountain to eat chocolate fondue every night by the fire -- and shop all day. No kids, no husbands, no pets, no work ... It's wonderful!).

    Thanks for your encouragement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by betheny
    I think TIRR = Texas Institute for Research & Rehabilitation.

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    TIRR is The Institute for Rehabilitation & Research. Now owned by Memorial Hermann Healthcare System. Address 13333 Moursund, Houston, Texas 77030 in the Texas Medical Center. phone # is 7137995000.


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    I didn't get injured while racing but I raced the same class as him. I actually got hurt goofing around wrestling with a friend and not on the bike. Weird huh? I'm 10 months post now and have had about 3-4 months worth of set backs with almost no therapy due to illness. KEEP HIM HEALTHY!

    I can now stand up on my own in parallel bars, and take a couple baby steps. He will do great things. Us motocross racers have that never say die attitude.

    I'm not stopping until I get back on my bike. People laugh when I say that a lot, but if you believe, and work hard enough, in my eyes anything is possible!

    Get him in that wheel chair as much as possible. Encourage him to try things normally, not with 'tools'. MAKE that signal try to push through and work. I was very stubborn with the 'tools' and believe it paid off.

    Most of all everyone needs to be patient.

    I think of it like this. A broken leg can take up to a year to heal. This was an entire trauma to his whole body. It's going to take time.

    Feel free to message me any time!

    - Clint
    Injury Date : Feb. 23rd 2006, c6 Incomplete.

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    I can't believe you are a motocross rider, but got injured goofing around. Sounds like you are making good progress. Congratulations and thank God for small favors. Nick's immediate goal is to regain the use of his fingers.

    Nick came to my house, along with about 20 other family members, on Christmas Eve day (one month to the day post injury). It was wonderful having him here, and I know he likes being out, but it must be so boring for him. After all, he is used to being very active and all he can do is sit in the wheelchair or lay on the couch. His family isn't equipped yet to take him out easily, and I hope that doesn't discourage him from getting out whenever he can get a pass.

    He is amazingly approachable. He will talk to anyone, young or old, and really engages. I'm so impressed by him. He's such a great kid. This is a very tough time. I wish he could see that the future will bring this "new normal" I hear about -- that he'll have fun, and independence, and that it will get easier.

    He probably has six more weeks at Jackson, then he'll be an outpatient. The wireless in his current room is awful and his laptop will not stay online, so he can't access this Website. He won't be changing rooms again, so he'll have to wait until he gets home to chat.

    Take care.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AuntLore

    If I knew how to post a picture, I'd tell you. I know how to email pictures, but this requires it have a URL.
    Check out this post for avatars, it includes posting pictures from your hadrdrive

    It is basically a case of using the paperclip icon on the top row.
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