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Thread: The Inside of My Broken Leg

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    The Inside of My Broken Leg

    The other day the doc left me alone in the room (never wise with me) with my xrays on the light screen outside the room so I went out and snapped a couple of pics. I have been facinated by them since I first saw them after my two week checkup after I broke my leg. The people in the hallway looked at me like what the hell is she doing taking pics of xrays, but hey - they are MINE!!! I think they are pretty neato!!! The metal will stay in my leg for the rest of my life unless for some reason it NEEDS to come out.

    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Haha, I would have done the same thing if left alone - well, you've got to look at stuff, haven't you?

    Can you feel anything different if you touch your leg? Like the tops of the pins?

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    Wow Kristi, thats a bunch of metal! amazing what they can do!

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    Wow, Kristi. When you break a leg, you really break it. Serious hardware in that leg.

    Here's to no more broken bones for you.

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    That is quite the boo boo. I will seriously consider NOT breaking my leg.

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    When left in a room TOO long I tend to snoop. You can find some interesting things. Most of my docs KNOW I do it. When I was dealing with a pressure sore I was seeing a Plastic Surgeon for it because he was going to do the flap surgery. My god do women get some big boobs. Yes, samples were in the drawers! They also had a size chart. WOW!! I couldn't even imagine boobs that big! Like globe sized.

    As for feeling anything - the leg is still really swollen, but on the right side of my knee you can feel the plate that is digging into my knee cap. Flat or bent - anyone can run their fingers over it and feel the metal. Kind of gross. I freaked out a bit when he told me it was digging into my knee cap. OUCHIE! Doc told me it was going to hurt until the tendons get stretched a little more. Over the last month the goal was to get my knee bent so I could get in MY chair and get it to about 90 degrees. I got it to 85. He was pretty happy with that.

    Next month I will get a Cat Scan to get a 3D view of everything and if that looks as good as the x-rays then he said he would most likely turn me loose and let me get back to normal. Not quite up to dare devil Kristi just yet, but I'm getting there. No more broken bones!! Protocol is about 6 months to heal, but that is with someone that can walk. I''ll be at 3 months post this coming Thursday. I can't wait to get back on my bike and transferring on my own again. At least I am working out again on my gym. Couldn't get to it in the rent-a-shit!

    La Mem - so good to see you back and posting! We missed ya! I think the hardware makes it look worse than it is. Everyone else that broke their legs here got rods. I wonder what the difference is? Doc did tell me that I will NEVER break that bone again. How could I? It is surrounded by metal and screws. Knowing me though, I bet I could find my way around it. Not going to TRY though.
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    Aww! Looks so painful but at least you were under when they put them in. One positive is that you have a strong leg with that metal in place.

    Take care.

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    Hopefully that's the last one you break...

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    go big or go home, eh Kristi??

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    Cool pics Kristi. Looks like the kind of break a linebacker for the Cowboys might get..

    Glad that you're alot cuter and healing up.

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