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Thread: Duragesic Patch/Fentora for severe pain control

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    Thumbs down Duragesic Patch/Fentora for severe pain control

    I am a new poster here but a long time lurker, so I already feel at ease and I like to know I am not alone in this painfull hell. For almost 1 year I've been seeing my physiatrist/pain specialist. We started out on the usual stuff: Norco, Tramadol, Percocet, etc. ~3 months back. he put me on Kadian (long-release morphine) which didn't do so much but make me naseous. I called him 2 days later and a family member went to pick up a prescription for Duragesic (he's familiar with my family bwecause they drive me to all my appointments and I couldn't sit up without sweating and vomiting). It was for Mylan brand 25mcg patches #10. I put it on and the next morning could actually sit up. My pain was still bad however so the next month, he put me on 50 ug/hr Duragesic brand to change every 48 hours with Fentora fizzy buccal tablets in 100mcg for in-between pain. Those are so hard to deal with but I feel I need a berakthrough pain med. Has anyone taken "Actiq"? How did that relieve the pain? My coccyx is crooked with an old hairline fracture that showed up on a bonescan. The pain is unbelievable but the Duragesic works pretty great.
    Sorry this is so long but I know I'm not alone here. Any advice would be so nice.

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    I am on Duragesic 50 patches also, I have been on them for almost 4 yrs. I tried going off of them a while back and when I was off them completely I couldn't hardly sit up and it was so painful for me to walk. I called my Dr. and was told to put one back on, that I would more than likely have to wear one the rest of my life.
    I change mine every 72 hrs though.

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    this is somehow encouraging news: 4 years and still at 50mcg/h. I forget to mention, my level is C5-6 but incomplete. All of my Drs have said the incomplete part is the main reason for this mind-blowing bone-pain. I am very thankfull to be on this. It doesn't thrill me to be on anything the rest of my life, but I'll likely be on it, too, along w/Baclofen and everything else.
    Do you ever need rescue medication?

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    The first couple years I was only on 25's but still had alot of butt pain. When I went to the 50's that pretty well stopped. I am a T 12 incomplete. My feet hurt so bad...... Nothing has made much difference with those.
    I havn't taken anything else probably in over a year, but when I did it was lortabs.

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    Have you been examined for plantar facitis? I have it in both feet. Extreme pain, like an ice pic going through the heel area. Night Splints have helped a lot along with proper orthotics, it has really alleviated the majority of pain.
    Has physical therapy done anything for you guys? My doc keeps sending me back but it doesnt seem to ever do anything for the pain.

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    Medic, I walk on my heels, that's part of what makes them hurt so bad. I have no strength in the toe part of my feet, my toes curl down also. PT did me alot of good, but nothing has done my feet any good. they feel like I am walking on broken glass

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    I have severe chrinic pain from 4 levels of disc bulges/herniations and dessecrations alomng with 2 levels of spinal stenosis, spondylosis, scoliosis.

    I wear a 100 mcg Fentanyl patch that does nothing for me. Thankfully, I am allowed up to four 30 mg Roxicodone a day and that takes the edge off.

    Right now, Actiq and Fentora are approved for only Cancer pain although off-label use is obviously done.

    Cephalon says it will seek approval for Fentora for non cancer pain.

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    The Durgesic patches DO work. I've been on them for a few months and they work wonders. I am on the 50mcg Fentanyl lasting 3 days. Only problem I've had was thinking I had one more than I actually did and I had to go a few days with no patch, no patch = pain and withdrawls . I also get 30 Vicodin ES's for breakthrough pain, which really don't do squat considering the pain that I have is a 29 on a scale of 1-10. The Durgesic patches do work wonders though, excellent medicine.

    Anyone else find that their pain has shot through the roof because of the weather changing? It's just starting to get cold down here and cold weather hurts. Even worse, this Louisiana weather will be hot one second, and cold the next which KILLS my back. I know it's due to the change in humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, and other small things but is there anything we can do for that?

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    Whenever it gets "cold" down here in Florida (say, 50 degrees or so), I feel it all right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolftrades
    Whenever it gets "cold" down here in Florida (say, 50 degrees or so), I feel it all right.
    I wish . Warmer temperature = Derek feeling okay. Anything other than warm, humid weather causes me severe pain.

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