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Thread: Stem cells treatment in Iran - MOVIE!

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    Stem cells treatment in Iran - MOVIE!

    I have received a movie from Iran. They make stem cells transplantation with Shwann cells. I would like to share it with you but the file is too big. I would like to ask somebody of the administration to contact with me. I put it on my server. You will download it and put on your to let people download it.

    Here is the web page about them
    Ab alio exspectes, alteri quod feceris.

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    free place to post it, save your server bandwidth

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    From their website:
    Methylprednisolon Administration
    Steroid administered in acutely after spinal cord injury is believed to inhibit hazardous secondary inflammatory procedures that exacerbate the traumatic injury. Now the general belief claims the achieved result by this method to be small and insignificance. Thus the Methylprednisolon use is the matter of controversy.

    Sorry to say this seems to be the general consensus.

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    Pretty cool. Thanx.

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    Oxygen, hi, how are you? thanks for posting this .I Just wanted to let you know that they are not using stem cells transplants. they are using schwan cells that is taken from the same peson's back of the leg (below the knees) , and then they grow this schwan cells in the lab for about 3 weeks to 45 days and then they inject it in the site of the injury. they are still doing the human clinical trial . so far the results are great.

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    So this is " SCHWANN CELLS,,,,, THE MOVIE"

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    thanks oxygen

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    I looked at the movie first thing this morning, it looks very promising, and I contacted them as to find out more about it. Hope to hear from them soon regarding it. I can walk and get about, with a cane, or a walker, or a shopping cart, in the store. I am fiercly independent and want to do so much more. It may be "risky" for americans to go there, but I have defied the odds already, and with good results am willing, hopefuly, and financialy stable to do so. I think this is something I would like to give a good try, my cousin was there many years ago, and they did serve Camel hooves, I don't think I want to try that though. Always looking forward....

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    How many of these have we seen?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KIM
    How many of these have we seen?
    I thought the same thing, but out of Iran? I would have never
    thought, I thought their business was uranium enrichment.

    I haven't seen any animal model vids out of Huangs research
    or Dr. Lima's research, so it is good to see this.

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