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Thread: Obese people can be healthy: study

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    Obese people can be healthy: study

    WASHINGTON (AFP) - Some obese people are in good health and are not predisposed to heart ailments, according to a surprise study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.
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    And yet another study showed that being slim doesn't automatically protect you from heart-related illnesses such as high blood pressure and cholestrol, and diabetes.
    In the first study, conducted by Norbert Stefan and a team at the University of Tubingen in Germany, the researchers studied the fat around the internal organs and under the skin of 314 individuals with an average age of 45.


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    I am glad that they published this study. There is a little too much of the "fat is bad" attitude. Some people are naturally plump and that it good.


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    Cholesterol has a bad press. It is commonly cited as a cause of atherosclerosis and the resultant strokes and coronaries. Cholesterol plays a part in repairing damage in the walls of blood vessels and hence, it can be argued that cholesterol is a symptom of the problem and not a root cause. If the damage in the walls of the blood vessels is the cause of the clots that cause the strokes then the cholesterol may indeed be helping to prevent these clots by repairing the damage. In addition damage to the walls of blod vessels can be caused by some infections and it has been demonstrated that people with very low cholesterol have a less effective immune response. Hence, if cholesterol is needed for an effective immune repsonse and as some infections can cause damage to blood vessels and cholesterol is used to to repair the damamge then it calls into question the conventional wisdom that cholesterol is a cause of atherosclerosis and raises the possibility that it protects from atherosclerosis.

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