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Thread: When life gives you lemons......

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    when life gives you lemons,,,,,,,,,,,,, hmmmmmmmmm,,,,, isn't that wh at tammy faye baker said???? Iguess she would know.

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    Trish it sounds like you had a bad case of gremlins in your house last week! HOPEFULLY they have gone and will leave you alone this week! I hope so!

    Yep you guys, I know that feeling of wanting to just "do like everyone else". I sometimes feel I have no "right" to post these feelings because my guy is para and he does not face as many issues as your guys with C level injuries/you face, but there have been plenty of times that we felt "on the outside looking in" because "we can't get in there" or "he's too sick" or "he's in too much pain". For me it's like a feeling of being "other". I feel like "just us" until something happens so remind me that we are not "like everyone else". But, hell, we are way COOLER, than "everyone else", so it's okay in the end.
    "I just want you to know, it was the best time ever." J.F.F.

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    Yea, my husband has only been totally paraplegic(?) for about a year now (he's got a spinal tumor), but in that time, my eyes have opened!
    I cannot believe how rude some people are. God forbid you ever need HELP.
    And I really get pissed when I see people parking in handicap spaces that have no handicap tags and how stores only have like 2 handicap spots in the first place, but don't get me started.
    Before he got really bad, he was on a walker and really slow, but he refused to be in a chair. So when we went to wal-mart we would get one of those electric scooters they have, and I used to get pissed when they'd all be in use and I'd see people riding around on them that were perfectly capable of walking, but were just too damn lazy!! meanwhile, my husband (and most others with SCI) would have given ANYTHING to be able to walk.
    All the while, he'll be telling me to just calm down. it's ok.
    I can't help it. It just makes me angry.
    Ok. Sorry. Preaching to the choir...

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    lol, choirs usually like preaching, you know!

    The thing I remember is elevators . . . in the hospital when it was a huge giant deal for him to even be up in a chair, sometimes we'd go touring Harborview. I mean, it's pretty damn pathetic when your day's high point is a wheel chair ride around a trauma center, but it's what there was.

    So we're down 3 levels from where his room is, and he needs to get back to bed, and we push the elevator button . . . the doors finally open and it's full of ab people who stare out at us, faces blank as potatoes, until the doors close again.

    I stopped using elevators after that.

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    Whenever I think Im having a bad day, I think of my wife. She's c5-6, and just smiles all the time. Never blames a soul, never complains, alays finds good in everything. And I'm the one who can walk! Gracious me, how does she do it? After what she's been through, all of my problems are just pitiful.

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