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Thread: Rolli Company Final Sale

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    Rolli Company Final Sale

    Got this email and wanted to pass it along-

    Our boutique will be open Saturday,December 2nd from 8am to 4pm. The
    address is 12225 World Trade Drive, Suite T, San Diego, CA 92128.
    This will be your last chance to see the Rolli staff and you can pick
    up your products without having to pay shipping charges.

    We are in the final days of the Rolli Company USA. Most of what we
    have left is in the XS to Medium sizes:There are some elastic waist
    cotton twill pants with a concealed zipper in Small and Medium. There
    are a variety of colors of sweatpants in XS and S. There are Slate
    and Navy RolliRocker pants in S. There are several styles of pants in
    European sizes 42/8 (30-32"waist),44/8 (32-33-1/2"),46/8(34-35").
    There are many pants and jeans in women's sizes.
    All of the pants are $29
    Suit Coats $59,
    Dress Shirts/sweaters $10
    Shoes $19
    Cranberry capsules $2
    Oxycycle $59
    Jackets/Coats/Ponchos $39
    Gloves $9.95
    Womens Clothing $29
    Accessories 50% off

    There is one Rise2 chair, a few anti-decubitus cushions,one set of
    big wheels for the Rise Chair, 2 mini flex lifts (maximum user weight
    176 pounds),1 flex lift (maximum user weight 286 pounds),various
    accessories for these products and 2 sets of brakes for the Chameleon
    chair all for half price.

    The Sauer Continence Products (external catheters, leg bags, glue,
    and night drainage bags) are now 75% off. If you are interested in
    any of these products, please call soon as we will sell out quickly.

    All sales final, no returns. Our phone is (800) 707-2395 You can see
    some items on our website If you get the message
    machine, let us know what you want and what number to reach you at.
    Ideas for the future: Take our pants to a seamstress and see if they
    can make some for you.
    Websites that may be helpful:, and
    search adaptive clothing,,,,,,
    http://[URL=""][/URL] (they sell ponchos and all of our
    chair bags)
    If you are interested in the pocket urinal or the Sauer Continence
    products you can still contact Claudia. Her email is

    Wishing you a fond farewell,
    Karen Turley, (personal email: for all
    further contact after December 15th)

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    Yeah I got that too. I was going to stock up on some more RolliRockers, but they're out of my size and color.
    De Omnibus Dubitandum

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    first off, i'm diggin them avatars myco.

    i got lucky an purchased the last pair of quad gloves. i'll have to say....."DAMMIT". i hate losing this company since these were the best gloves i've used. for looks an durability.

    i don't understand how they're sellin more over 'there', but i'm not over their sales dept. either. oh well, like they say....."nuthin lasts forever".

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