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    Transfer problem

    Hey guys - wow, it's been forever since I've been on here.

    I just started a new job as a parapro (teachers aide) at the high school. I'm with a 15 year old girl with cerebral palsy. I'm having an issue with transfers and I'm hoping for some insight.

    When I try to get her out of her chair and onto her potty chair, I can get her into a standing position, get her pants down, but when I sit her onto the potty chair, I'm not getting her high enough. It seems like that little "step" I need to get her feet on is what's tripping me up.

    The first time I tried to transfer her on my own, I got stuck. I got her out of her chair, pivioted her, got her to hold onto my belt loops while I got her pants down, then tried to lift her with a "hug" onto the toilet. I couldn't get her as far back on the toilet as she needed to be, and then I couldn't get her high enough to get her back onto her regular chair correctly. I ended up having to call the nurse on my cell phone to come down and help me lift her.

    Maybe I'm holding her too high, I've been "hugging" her underneath her armpits, do I just need to go lower? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Yesterday was my second attempt at getting her on. We had the school nurse come along as a precaution, but the student was having some bladder issues this week, so she didn't get on again.

    I feel bad for this poor girl, dealing with me learning this! Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I don't want to hurt this poor child!
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