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Thread: Leg Jerking, Don't Know Why - Any Help?

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    Hmmm, I'll try elevating my feet while I'm lying down and see if it will help 0me too. Thanks for mentioning that. I'll try just about anything that isn't another drug. And how right you are - they do have a mind of their own. Sometimes I'm still surprised at how strong they can be - and that can be scary at times.

    Thanks quad79. =)
    "When it comes to a choice between two evils, I will always choose the one I haven't tried before." - Mae West

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Pendleton View Post
    Hi Point,
    Along with everything KLD suggested some of us with non-traumatic injuuriies often get the kicking type spasms when we have infections especially bladder infections. With me a uti creates kicks only in my stronger left leg. Go figure. Might have a urine culture and a CBC blood test done by your PCP. but definitely get on a stretching schedule. Welcome to CareCure.
    Hi Sue, I am the mom of a teenage boy with a new non-traumatic SCI. Ive been reading some of these older posts and am interested in hearing more about the difference in recovery of traumatic vs non? My son was classified as a T4 complete but i saw that Dr Wise posted complet and incomplete arent as meaningful in non-traumatic. Your thoughts?

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    My legs jerk also, but I think that mine is restless leg syndrome.

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    I know nothing about your type of injury, and usually thus refrain from replying - but here goes. I am an MS Support Group leader, and many people with MS take folic acid for leg spasms. I do not understand how folic acid helps, but you might want to ask for a blood work up to see if you are low in it. YOu might also want to ask your doctor if s/he thinks it would help. HUckleberry

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    I also have jerking hovements & spasms that are much worse - more 'strength' to the jerking & much more painful - around dinner time. I think it might be party caused (in my case) to the amount of time I've been mobile, as the more I'm up the worse it gets. Even with neurontin (sp?) it's horrible at night & often wakes me. I'm a type 2 diabetic, so along with my hyper active nerves (so I was told) this makes things worse.
    I hope you find some relief, let us know if you do!

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    I had non-traumatic SCI -- AVM at T6-9 level. Leg spasms are coincident w/ mild UTI and muscle sprain/strain injury. I don't feel the normal pain of sprain/stain, but for a couple weeks afterward, the jerking & spasms are definitely much worse... It's great when you're sleeping peacefully, and you wake up having just kicked a 60 yd field goal!

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    How much of your legs move? Could it be clonus? Mine used to happen only with pressure on the ball of my foot, but now any little movement triggers it. My spasms never have been that close in time. Did the doctor test you by jerking you foot up relative to your ankle? I've also had it in my knees.

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