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    Mr. Wise Young,
    I was wondering if you could give me some insight into some problems I'm am having? I'm a C-5/6 quad complete. I have been injuried for sixteen years. Spinal cord injury at C-3, C-4, C-5. Cyst that runs from C2-T4. Shunt was put in at time with no change. Always has been a little larger at C-3-C-6. Little bulge dic at C-7 with no compression.
    Always had burning pain in my butt and legs. Arms use to be senative to light touch, but was getting better over time. Had bloating in stomach ever since I first sat up.
    Three years ago, started with left wrist pain. Nerve test showed carpal tunnal. Had therapy and it went away for about a month. About the same time or a little after, I started to have bad pain down both arms day and night. The wrist pain returned. Over a month or so the pain in the arms eased up during the day but not the night.
    I had carpal tunnal release and it helped the pain shooting up my arm but not the wrist, sometimes shooting into the thumb and whole hand. The pain in my arms really get bad at night and a little better in the morning. The wrist throbs and spasms along with it the thumb and first two fingers. The wrist is a little better over the last year but not much.

    Now over the past three months my arms, back and buttocks burn pretty bad all day long with increased stomach bloating and pain. At night I can wake up and it not be there but after laying there awhile it starts at my legs and works up till everything is hurting within a few minutes. Then it will stay there all day with some days a little relief in my arms.
    QUESTION: Could the wrist pain be coming from the cyst along with the arm pain? Could the dic be causing some of the problem? Could the arm pain be coming from the cyst and I just still have carpal tunnal problems?
    Is the cyst the cause of the leg, but, back and stomach pain more then the nerve damage itself? Why is it that when I lay down, sometimes it will ease up until I'm fully awake and the it starts back up? Is that in the brain?
    One doctor said that all may be caused by the cyst and he could operate and detherter it and put in a new shunt even though I have not lost any movement. He said there could be presure in there even if the cyst does not get bigger causing the problem. That the shunt isn't working after all these years but the pressure inside the cyst and on the outside just has equal pressure. Could that be true? If the cyst never flatten out, is it still causing more nerve damage over the years? He said when I lay down the spinal cord enlarges which causes more pain sometimes at night. Did you ever hear of this?
    The other doctor said since the cyct didn't get any bigger in size, lenght or dia. not to touch it. The shunt is working. An operation could leave me without any use of my arms at all and the pain can just return or even get worse with more scaring. To just go on medication.

    Many year ago I was on norpramin, zoloft, metronidajale, elavil, duricef, projac, pamelor/nortripyline, dilantan, tegretal, neurotin, colchincine, cns factors, pregnenoline. The last one was zonegran two years ago which helped the arms some but didn't stay on it long enough because of being afraid of getting seizures.


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    bump up to the top PLG

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    PLG, thanks.

    Mancha, I am not sure. Based on your description, it sounds as if the pain is at least partly due to your carpal tunnel. The back and stomach pain may be real as well. Let me think about this and answer this more fully in a day or so.


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