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    I'm a c4 quad and have been injured for many years. I currently sleep on a DUX bed [a swedish manufacturer who uses a very large number of springs]. It is a comfortable bed but it still requires my PCA to turn me every 4hrs [give or take]. I currently sleep in a fetal position and get turned to mainly relieve ptressure on my hips. I would love to be able to eliminate the need to be turned but am not that interested in incorporating mechanical devices, such as an electric air shifting mattress, to achieve my goal. I've heard great things about the temperpedic bed. Any thoughts?

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    I am a C4-C5 Quad, little over two years post-injury. About a year ago my mom bought me a Select Comfort bed. Also referred to as a "sleep number bed". It was absolutely the best purchase we ever made. I originally had a low air loss system when I was in rehab but the thing cost around $8,000 and Medi-Cal wouldn't pay for it. Since having this bed, I never have to turn while I am sleeping. And since it has a hospital type base, it enables me to sit up so that I can watch TV or use my computer when I'm not in my chair. And I have not had one single issue of skin breakdown since I have been on this bed. I hope this helps. Good luck

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    Tuesday - for more information including the tempurpedic go to the previous post: mattresses

    You might also look at the National database of assistive technology and rehab equipment at: Abledata CRF

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    I have a tempurpedic mattress. It is very good with respect to preventing pressure sores if you don't turn at night, however, it can be difficult to move in the bed and do transfers (I'm a para).Try it out first in a storethat sells them.

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    i've used the select comfort 'sleep number' bed for 3 years without even a hint of presure problems. i never get turned.

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    I just have a cheap electric bed that will raise my head and feet. I can't lay flat or else I will be in alot of pain the whole day and not be able to bend very well I usally do not move once I go to sleep I aslo had broken my back in twoo places in 1973 and that's why I can't lay flat but would love to

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    I also have a Select Comfort bed and love it.. I'm 5 year post injury.. we plan to purchase another Select Comfort bed with the hospital type bed so I can sit up and watch tv.
    I wouldn't have any other bed!!!!

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