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    Air mattress

    I am a C4-5 quadriplegic and I've been using one of those twin air mattress beds since my injury three years ago and haven't had any bedsores I don't get moved at night or reposition and I'm curious how many other quadriplegics use this type of mattress? I've had good luck and maybe this information will be good luck to somebody else.

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    Is this an overlay alternating pad, or a full mattress low air loss mattress? What brand?


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    I'm 5/6 and used a PressureGaurd until i sat on something and had to switch to a alternating matress as i went on full bed rest.

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    Im a c5/6. I use an Invacare Microair 3500S. Been using it for 5 years and turn once throughout the night. I feel I could go all night everynight without turning.

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    They had me on a air mattress after my surgery and that hurt so damm bad! I couldn't wait to go back to Rehab to get in a normal bed. It felt great

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