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Thread: Have any of you tried the oxy cycle?

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    Have any of you tried the oxy cycle?

    Thinking about getting an oxy cycle for my son. Any comments would be great!

    Thank you

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    Gary's Mom, I'll be totally honest, I bought mine on overstock and thought I was getting a great deal (I think it was about a hundred bucks, free shipping, etc.) but was a bit disappointed with what actually arrived. I didn't find it to be extremely functional out of the box. I am a low para, was hoping to use it with my ankles/legs. The motor was not strong enuf and I wasn't able to keep my feet in the pedals. For arms, it would have worked perfectly, since the motor assist helps just enuf (and it's adjustable)

    I know some people have had successes with the oxycycle, though, especially putting it on a table and using it to exercise the arms. I think someone also posted about changing out the pedals with some from a bike/pedal shop, so that might work.

    It's certainly not a bad product. It's well made and if it works for you, I believe it to be an excellent piece of rehab equipment. Unfortunately, it wasn't for me. I sold it on eBay and recouped most of my money.

    I hope some other ppl post their successes with this product.

    BTW, SuzyQ, the oxycycle can be used both forward and backwards for the arms. Simply turn the bike around to go in the same direction as the motor assist.

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