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Thread: Abdominal binder

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    Abdominal binder

    Any of you use abdominal binder? I wear them all day long. But the perennial issue I am facing is
    1. It gets folded in an hours time since I have to do activities like transfer to wheel chair etc during the day. Once it gets folded, it loses its shape and I also lose mine :-)

    2. I haven't come across a good quality one - soft and sturdy yet. I need a soft one coz I am T6 and a rough one can potentially cause sores/skin problems in the abdominal region.

    3. The binder I need should cover from T7 through Lumbar region . Otherwise it can be seen through the dress I am wearing as it will be protruding.
    4. I also use binder because it gives me better balance.

    So , what I would like to know is, do many of use abdominal binders and which one do you guys find most suitable for yourself?

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    iyerraf - A suggestion would be to take a plain white "T-shirt" that is snug fitting, cut off the upper part with the arms, etc. Then put it on before the lumbar support for protection of the skin.

    Abledata is a national database of assistive devices, rehab equip, etc. You might try searching that site for some various binder designs. The type of binder that you are asking about is probably listed as a lumbar support binder. CRF

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