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    i recently had a bone density test which stated that i was borderline osteopenia for my age. i stand for a minimum of an hr/day and for several days of the wk it's more than that but it's everyday for weightbearing. i also take calcium and vitamin d supplements. can i do anything else to stop or slow the progression?

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    jb - Have you seen your doctor since you had your bone density done? Did you have a full body dexascan or a particular bone? It is important to note that "people with SCI do not have the same pattern of osteoporosis as seen in other nondisabled people (esp. women). They tend to have MORE lumbar spine density compared to ABs, not less. The areas of most osteoporosis, for SCI persons, found (in this order) is: distal femur, proximal tibia, hip (subtrochanteric area of femur), ankle, humerus (in those with tetraplegia)".

    All persons with SCI will have a certain amount of osteoporitic condition. This occurs within the first few weeks on an injury and then it levels off. For more information on osteoporosis in SCI:Craig It would be important to discuss your report of osteopenia, in relation to your SCI, with your doctor.

    If you have already taken all of this into consideration, it is also important to note that bone density loss can begin earlier in some people than others. Some persons may be placed on fosamex once bone density is within limits of osteopenia.

    For more information on this topic: NLM - medlineplus CRF

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