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Thread: transverse myelitis

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    transverse myelitis

    I was diagnosed with transverse myelitis in 1995. I was able to recover my walking but have chronic pain and stumble and fall quite often. Does anyone have these same type of syptoms???

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    Yes Dee. At the last International TM Symposium I heard a lot of the patients that were walking around barely showing signs of any disability speak about how their bodies felt like they were on fire. Also gait was off in many walkers and that was the subject of one of the sessions.

    Are you a member of the TM Internet Club or the TM Association? Also, do you see a neurologist that has a lot of experience in TM? I do know where Chippewa Falls is and the nearest I know to you is at the Mayo Clinic.

    Please check out the following and let me know if you'll be coming to the next symposium in Baltimore (I'm a native of Janesville). I'll be there.

    Oh, many of the people with constant 24/7 type pain had good results with Marinol although several reported it made them feel higher than real pot did. You might try giving it a try.

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