I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts and theories were. I am really not expecting anything viable; I want to hear everything, from the most outrageous theories to the more subtle ones. The reason being is that there has been a steady increase in publications in physics journals which I look at frm time to time, and I have to admit that as far out as this seems I am getting more and more fascinated by this.

The most convincing theory I read was proposed as thus:

A two chambered room with a set of high density parallel metal plates in each chamber, for a total of four plates (two in each chamber). If then possible to harness enough electricity (energy) to be transmitted through this, a rip in the electromagnetic space-time fabric can be achieved. If achieved in both chambers, a worm-hole (I think its technical term is an Einsteinian Bridge) can be achieved and maintained. If one of these chambers can then be taken at speeds approximate to the speed of light, what goes in one wormhole and out the other technically has travelled through time, because as Einstein's relativity states: time travels slower for a body in motion. The limiting technologies here are: harnessing of enough energy to rip into space-time and propogation of high speeds.

Other theories I remember involved the maintenance of black holes: In a black hole there is a point called an "event horizon" where I think that a particle trapped here would be smashed into such oblivion (due something to the effect of infinite gravity) that its density reaches infinity. Some astro-physicists are now coming forward and saying that this "point" (event horizon) is more oriented as a ring (like a donut) and thus if a particle were to pass through, it ends up in another point of the universe.

I know this stuff is way out there, and I'm sure my physics-grammer needs to be maintained, but I was just wondering what some of my fellow geeks thought.