I went to see my new Neurosurgen and he got my records from the pain clinic I was going to , and he was saying my back pain was due to my kidneys and my Urologist my old one and the new one both said it was due to my back , well this Neurosurgen told me I have Kidney diseae I called my old Urologist and had a talk with him and he told me I might have swollen kidneys due to my last operation he asked for my new Urologist phone number , later that day my new Urologist called me up and was very Upset saying this Neurosurgen had no bussiness telling me I had Kidney disease where that is not his line of Medicine ,I told him he ordered a Cat Scan from S1-T12 , so then my Urologist called and Ordered a Cat scan Of my Kidneys to compare with the ones I had taken in Sept. so now Tues. I go see the Neurosurgen I even have my old copies on my mylogram from Oct. 2002 they won't do anymore Mylograms on me because the last time 4 days later I shot a blood clot in each Lung I can't have MRI's because I have a Spinal Stimulator so it just XRAYS and CAT SCANS for now onthen I see my Urologist on DEC.6th then my Primary DR.on DEC.8THall these DR's and none of them think they can do anymore for me ,the new NEW NEUROSURGEN want the Pain clinic to increase my Lyrica to the max but at a slow rate when I called them they said no ,.the DR that is taking care of my medication has seen me 2 x's I called my Primary DR. who has been treating me for over 8 years said add one pill and see hpw it goes and I see him on DEC. 8th , which DR do you think I should be listening about increasing LYRCIA my Primary DR or this DR who I've seen twice? ;LBUSH