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Thread: quads go wiiiiiiiiii?

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    quads go wiiiiiiiiii?

    Have any of you quads tried playing the new Nintendo Wii? It looks like it wouldn't be difficult to strap the nunchunk to your hand, so the sports games shouldn't be hard to control. Some of the games like ExciteTruck look impossible to control. Here are some videos of the controller in action.

    I'll probably wind up getting one of these. If I do, I'll report back.

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    Good idea! I hadn't even thought of that.

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    The Wii and an injured gamer — a happy follow-up

    The Wii and an injured gamer — a happy follow-up

    By Mike Antonucci
    Tuesday, March 6th, 2007 at 1:33 pm in Gaming, Mike Antonucci, General.
    A little more than 13 months ago, I wrote a front-page story about a young man named Travis Taft, an avid gamer who had suffered a spinal cord injury affecting his arms and legs.
    Here’s an excerpt from that story, which focused on Taft’s excitement about the one-hand controller Nintendo had described for its upcoming console, then code-named Revolution:
    ”(Taft) has tried to call national attention to the unintended benefits that the gadget will offer for people with a variety of physical disabilities.
    “Like many people with spinal-cord injuries that affect all four limbs, Taft retains some use of his arms and hands. But it’s not enough for effectively operating the typical two-hand game device. He’s confident his relatively strong right hand will be able to manipulate the new controller, which is part of the Revolution game system that’s still under development by Nintendo.
    ‘’Video games have been a major factor in my life,'’ said Taft, who has resolved to take the most optimistic approach possible to his rehabilitation. ‘’I was eagerly hunting for some way to get back into it.'’
    So what happened when the Revolution became the Wii and actually reached the market? It’s nice to report that Taft’s condition has improved and that he’s more than enjoying his Wii.
    Here’s one of the e-mails he sent me today:

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    I was going to ask if anyone had this. My brother tried it at a friends house and felt I could do it. I can sort of grip certain objects, but he thinks I may need to add my own strap. My brother tried boxing, tennis, bowling and something else and thought I'd be able to play those games. People also claim if played hard enough you can get a cardio workout.

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    I can see where some quads could have a problem with the button on the back on the controller (b i think).

    But for tennis, golf, boxing, and certain parts of baseball it is not used.

    The boxing game can give you a workout. I was sore for the first few days.

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    Have you tried the playstation eye toy? Cisco gets an amazing work out from it and you don't have to use any buttons.

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    I miss gaming!
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    "All of us are all too stuck strapped to a chair watching our lives blow up..."

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    I haven't tried it, but my kids got one for Christmas. They love it. Looks like Nintendo's the winner in this year's console wars.

    This commercial is hilarious.

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