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Thread: Inexpensive Meds

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    Inexpensive Meds

    Help! Our dog is very sick and needs some very expensive meds. Since we have to pay out of pocket we need cheap....does anyone have any idea who offers fair prices for some prescription antifungals...She needs them for 3 months and they are sooooo expensive?

    Any advice would be husband got this dog after his SCI and he will be devastated if we lose her.....


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    what meds are you in need of? what is wrong with the dog? i would highly recomend putting teh dog on acidolphus along with whatever teh vet said. you can buy it at any store and it works very well!

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    Why dont you contact the company that makes the medication and see if they have any program to help you out. If the dog provides any services to your husband that may help as well. Any way please let the company know of your problem!

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    Try looking over the Internet. Some meds from Australia etc.. are cheaper than here.. but not much.


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