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Thread: Electric Muscle Stimulator

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    Electric Muscle Stimulator

    Any input on this would be great. I was reading a Post started by Emi on how she was able to start a spasm. I to can start and most of the time stop mine from happening. If I can't stop them I can usually make my legs go from a bend at the knees to going back down to a flat position. In reading Emi's post Dr. Wise mentioned that this maybe a sign of voluntary muscle control. I was thinking that if this were the case, would buying an EMS (electrical muscle simulator) unit be of any help. I have one spotted for a really good price i.e. cheap so it won't be that big of an investment. I currently in the 4AP study but I was able to start and stop the spasms prior to entering the trial. I am walking with braces and a walker not far 300 feet in about 20 minutes and it is not fast or pretty but walking non the less. Anyone here tried an EMS and if so did you see any results. Thanks in advance


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    Nevada, not sure if this helps but I also walk with a walker using AFOs. My therapist wants to use electrical stimulation on my ankles but she can't get my ankles to move (I can move them a little on my own). A saleswoman from one of the companies came by and she tried and couldn't get e-stim to work either. She said that I wasn't ready yet to try it again in a while after I could move my ankles more on my own. Guess what I'm trying to say is if possible you should try the e-stim first before buying a machine.

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