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Thread: Help needed from new member

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    Don't give up trying to find a Dr that can help. Tell them that you are tired of this going on and it is their specialty so find out the cause. If they can't find out the problem to send you to someone who can. I hate it when I have to take a stand with them but obviously you have something going on. I have had Dr's tell me that well I don't know what it is but at least I know what it isn't. Don't take it. They get paid for telling you nothing. Take it up on yourself. I would look up the threads Dr Wise gave you and print out what sounds good. Of course Dr Wise is giving his opinion (which he knows what he is talking about) and is not giving you a diagnoses but at least the Dr's can have something to go by.
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    Question to the medical people

    Hi again, I am convinced through the help of the good people here that the diagnoses of Brown Sequad is correct but I am still in need of answers by anyone who cares to inject something to this thread.
    My main question is why after 2 MRI scans and the 3rd will be on the 21st of this month has nothing showed up on the scans.
    I am repeating myself slightly but I did have a motorcycle accident around 6 years ago and hurt my back, so could this have caused some sort of lesion that has heeled and only now I am feeling the affects ? But why nothing on any of the tests I have had and I thought MRIs were the best thing since sliced bread.
    I am really getting paranoid now and I am thinking this is all in my head !!!!!!!
    If my next MRI is negative what do I do ??????
    Thanks again

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    An MRI is only one tool for making a diagnosis of a neurologic disease. Your neurologist should of course also be doing an extensive exam, and considering other tests such as an SSEP. You should discuss this with him. Non-traumtic causes of spinal cord damage (for example, viral disease) may not show up on an MRI at all.


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    Hi, I have already had :
    2 MRI scans
    Evoked potential test
    EMG test of both legs
    Lumbar puncture (very painful and ill for over a month)
    Dose of steroids
    I take Baclofen, Temgesic and Diclofenic.
    So all the tests were negative with nothing showing up at all.
    What else is there and I am still not sure that if I have a lesion to my spine then it should have shown up on the scans.

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    Speo, did any of your MRIs include contrast dyes? My lesion from the spinal stroke I had is very tiny. Looks like a tiny tiny needle. Many also change with time so they are harder to read. Your doctor may also want to take about 15 tubes of blood this time to test for everything in this world and Mars..
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    Thanks Sue, I never asked about contrast dye. I am due to go for another in a couple of weeks and if nothing shows on this one then I am giving up and just getting on with life as it is getting be really annoyed !!!!!!

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    i got a postinfectious myeloradiculitis on November 1997. I was left with a limited walking capability ( about 500 meters ) and a general weakness , but no other impairments . Starting from 2000 the situation started to decline steadily and now i am confined to a wheelchair ( not to speak of other ,even worst , problems ). MRI did not show any lesion to the spinal cord and was invariated till 2004 , when some contraction of the spinal cord started to show . However , elctromyography (EMG) and evoked potential (SEP,MEP) indicated always damage to the spinal cord ( the variations over the years were mild , they did not match the worsening of the situation ) .
    Hope this can be of some help. Good luck,

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    Thanks Boncialu, it is strange but I got the results from my MRI yesterday and low and behold there was nothing significant showing on the scans.
    I am a little fed up of it all now and getting a second opinion in Britain using the NHS system is complicated and could take up to a year !!!!.
    I am going to maybe use the information gleaned on these boards to show my doctor and then just leave it until my condition gets worse (or better ).
    Not sure what else I can do now, my work is suffering and I am going to have to go on long term sick leave, my family are all worried and I am just depressed.
    BUT......I will not let it get me down to much as there are many writing on these forums that are in a worse situation.

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