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Thread: mechanical causes of neuropathic pain

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    How certain are you that changes in footwear are the cause? I am a walking para using afo and had to laugh with understanding about your big toe feeling like it is being cut off every 3 seconds having been there myself too many times.
    I go through my check list to look for the cause increased NP pain - could it be a bladder infection? Too much walking ? Then I pull my hair out trying to figure it out, but just because it is the toe that is hurting, it could be coming from a different location other than locally in the foot.

    Just a thought...

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    hi arnie thanks for the feedback
    i try to keep a log of what i do every day, meds taken and when, and how my pain level are .
    i know when i do any ab work , even on the big ball, i get increased pain in my little toes at night, and all night long. anytime i do hamstring work, i get a spike in my toe pain, usually at night, though i can feel tinges when i am doing the exercise, the same as when doing crunches on the exercise ball.
    sometimes it is the big toe and sometimes the small toes, they have different sources , the big toe is mainly L4
    the small toes are L5 , my surgeries were at l4/l5 and l5/s1.
    since i put the foam padding into the lace area of my boot , i have had no shocks in that area, however i am also on lyrica now due to that pain, so it could be that the lyrica is working well on that pain.
    now my biggest pain syndrome. is my little toes, the pain is not there when walking around during the day , but as soon as i sit it really starts spiking. i have always had this sitting or lying induced neuro pain in my toes, however usually 1 ultram every 4 hours takes care if it satisfactory.
    now since i started wearing closed toe shoes, its 30 mg of oxycodone followed by another 30 mg of oxycodone in 2 1/2 hours if i am sitting . today so far i am at 90 mg of oxy.
    went to the movies today , since i left the movies i was able to take no oxy for 5 hours since i was doing more walking than sitting. now getting ready for sleep i need a good dose since lying down also increase the pain.
    one main clue is the toes turn red when i have increased toe pain.
    i have RSD so it this weird loop of my sympathetic nervous system from my denerved foot to my injury area in my lumbar/cauda equina
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    cauda equina

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    I think the answer is for you to get out of NYC and move to the Florida Keys - open sandals all year round... Just joking. Sounds like you are on top of the causes of the NP pain.
    I take 300mg of Lyrica daily and 25 of Elavil (amitryptlyine) and I don't need to take narcs anymore. Your breakthrough pain must be brutal to require such doses of oxy....
    hang in there !

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    on tues night i was able to do without any oxy during the day and get by with 15mgs of oxycodone before sleep, on top of 20 mg Amitriptyline and the 150 mg daily dose of lyrica.
    wed nite i had more severe pain before bedtime , so i tried 20 mg of oxy before sleep, but i woke up with pain and took another 15 mgs, and was able to get back to sleep. the good thing is i am not needing the big doses or even small dose of oxycodone during the day now, i take ultram during the day.
    i may have to go up on the lyrica, but i really doubt it does anything for this RSD/CRPS toe cutting off,extreme stinging pain.
    the lyrica definitely worked on the pain i had in my ankle top, i felt relief on the first dose , 20 to 30 mg of oxycodone was not touching it.
    cauda equina

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    I have no idea what is good medication to take, I live in England and everything seems to be a battle, it takes months to see anyone and an urgent MRI took 7 weeks to be done! I take tramadol (400mg daily) diclofenac (150mg daily) and neurontin which i am increasing slowly, these have no effect at all and I'm wondering why I bother taking them really. I'm waiting for an appointment with the pain management clinic, the waiting list is currently 5 months. I did try dihydrocodeine it took the pain away but left me with loss of memory and speech and a permanent headache and nausea.

    I hope you find something to get you pain free and when you do let us know so we can try it too.

    Best of luck


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    The mechanical problem of my popping shoulder blades probably adds to the central pain in that area, and my scoliosis might, but I know I'm obsessed with both problems. The constant sticking of the scapulas, along with the constant fidgeting trying to counteract the effect of the spine curves, are definitely driving me nuts, as you all can probably tell. And the problems keep getting worse.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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