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Thread: mechanical causes of neuropathic pain

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    mechanical causes of neuropathic pain

    my neuropathic skyrocketed the last couple weeks, became totally unmanageable with the meds i was using all summer long.
    it looks like going from a open toe sandal to a closed boot caused this.
    the boot and sandal have the same exact bottom , they are made by the same company (MBT) i had the boot relasted to give a bigger toe box area so it would be like the sandals and no pressure on the toes.
    it was iteresting, the boot is actually lesspainful to walk in than the sandals.
    however the neuropain that started was so intense i went back on the lyrica which has helped me greatly.
    the pain i get is like my toes are being cut off , every 3 seconds .
    what i believe has set it off is the boot , i don think its the toe box area, i think its either the pressure on the top of the foot where the laces go, or the top area of the boot where the ankle laceas are.
    my sandals have straps that dont go near these areas, so i see the difference.
    i have a lot of atrophy in my foot and calf , denervated muscle from cauda equina. when i touch these areas where the laces are and hold slight pressure there, i feel tingling in my toes, the nerves are compromised.
    the weird thing is my toes don't hurt at all during the day if i am walking, no shocks or toes being cut off. i get the toe cutting off feeling as soon as i sit or lie down, and it is extreme.
    one reason i post this is since i am able to walk pretty good with an AFO and special rocker bottom stiff carbon sole shoe, i see different things that happen that cause neuropathic pain.
    this laces or pressure thing i probably wont be able to figure out till spring time , since the pain is way too tough too deal with.
    this is big for me since i had a spinal cord stim implanted for this pain when it was much less severe than this, the SCS never worked effectively for me, it never reached the toes. i had so many any complication with it , it had to be removed .
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    cauda equina

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    What kind of socks are you wearing with your boots? I don't have central pain, so I have to lean on descriptions from other people. I understand that light tough that occludes the skin, as a sock does, heightens the pain. The pain may well not be an immediate thing, it can ramp up (ever heard the term "delay with overshoot"?) over a short period of time.

    I do have a little paresthesia in a big toe from nerve damage there. I have discomfort sometimes from light touch from socks or sheets. I've heard from others that it can help for anything touching the skin to be as smooth as possible. The way it was described to me softness wasn't as important as smoothness.

    I could be totally off base, but this is the first thing that came to mind.

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    socks don't seem to bother me, i have slept with and without. tried loose fitting socks polar tech fleece ones in my shoes.
    i have rsd /crps in my foot so that adds to the madness.
    it is weird though, since during the day i feel no pain or discomfort in the area where the laces are.
    the pain is from the spine too, since the toe cutting off pain doesn't usually happen til i sit or lie down.
    i guess i will find out for sure in spring time, once i can wear sandals again , and stop lyrica.
    the pain is so intense though , i would need much stronger meds than oxycodone.
    however lyrica seems to be working out pretty well, i got some lomotil today, hopefully that will help with the bowel issues that lyrica causes.
    cauda equina

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    so much for that theory and lyrica working great!!!

    took 15 mg of oxy , than another 15 mg of oxy 1 hour latter, its just getting worse, weird how this happens,
    i wonder how much oxy you can take before you stop breathing?
    actually i feel like the oxy is counterfeit?
    i barely feel it , normally 30 mgs in 2 hours and i would be pretty buzzed.
    i guess the pain nullifies any buzz.
    cauda equina

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    I'd say you're chasing a moving target, except in this case it seems you're the target. Pain sucks, huh. I hope it eases off so you can enjoy the holiday weekend.
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    what the next strongest narcotic after oxycodone, short term , not extended release?
    maybe i am not taking enough at on time , for a couple months i could take 15mgs at night 1 hour before lying down ad on good nights sleep through the nite.
    maybe i need 25 mg right off the bat for this new pain.
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    cauda equina

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    I'm sorry, I honestly don't know. Fenatyl???

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    Quote Originally Posted by metronycguy
    so much for that theory and lyrica working great!!!

    took 15 mg of oxy , than another 15 mg of oxy 1 hour latter, its just getting worse, weird how this happens,
    i wonder how much oxy you can take before you stop breathing?
    actually i feel like the oxy is counterfeit?
    i barely feel it , normally 30 mgs in 2 hours and i would be pretty buzzed.
    i guess the pain nullifies any buzz.
    i honestly do think this damn pain nullifies any pain meds....with me anyways. at first the 75mg lyrica twice a day seemed to really help. he jumped me up to 300mgs a day and now all i do is get so sleepy i'm about fallin out of my chair and the pains still there.

    as far as the oxy, i'm on 40mgs every 12 hrs. it lasts about 4 to 6.
    i just don't know anymore. he mentioned going up in mgs but i don't think thats gonna help in the lasting relief and i surely don't wanna be zonked out....orrrr, ermmmm, maybe thats the key, lol, j/k. i think maybe 40mgs every 8 hrs might do the trick or maybe just wishful thinking. dunno if it's even prescribed this way.

    anyways...this sci pain friggin sucks but i still manage a smile. i really envy the ppl that are pain free. my feet are on fire as we speak, yippeee.

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    so strange on wed i had a relatively easy day, same shocks started between 9 pm and 230am i took 80 mg of oxycodone, a extra 50 mgs of lyrica and 10 amitriptyline, i didn't get relief to after 230am, and could finally fall asleep.
    the next day no pain slept fine, took my normal 15 mg of oxycodone a hour before sleep. have to see what tonight brings.
    yesterday i wore a low cut shoe, on wed the pain day i wore a boot. i have had others nights that were pain free when wearing the same boot, it is possible i had it tighter on the ankle laces though.
    today i cut a piece of closed cell foam and put it under the ankle afo ankle strap, and under where the boot ankle laces go, we will see if that helped.
    see what tonight brings!
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    cauda equina

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    i found out that any pressure on the ankle top , where the boot laces go will trigger sever nerve pain, i put a piece of closed cell foam in there and under my AFO ankle strap , the toe cutting off pain seems to have gone away made a new mistake , i put my foot into a regular boot on Sunday. it welt uncomfortable but after a while it wasn't too bad, 430am the next morning i ws awoken by a burning in the toes , it seems to be so much worse when i sit or lie down. i guess this is the classic rsd/crps syndrome. its a strong pain, 25 mg of oxy at a time barely touches it.
    the strange thing is there was no pain in my ankle top, and slight pain in my toes that precipitate all this. if i hadn't been wearing sandals all summer i wouldn't be able to figure it out.
    hopefully the toe burning pain will go away in week as long as i dont put them in a shoe again.
    i wonder if this was generating a lot of my pain for the first couple years and i never realized it, its tricky since you need to change the footwear for at least a week to See if there is any change
    cauda equina

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