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Thread: Check out my little fella with Miss World

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    Check out my little fella with Miss World

    Sean was part of the Irish Wheelchair Assoc "Little Angles" fundraiser. Sean thought he was James Bond in the tuxcodo.
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    SO CUTE Thanks for sharing anty
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    cute kid you should be proud hes even got women after him

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    the middle one is pricless. thats a fine group of young guys and the chick ain't bad either , in the last one.
    oh well

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    awww he is to cute! congrats!
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    Great pictures.

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    Thanks..........not much has made me smile today but those were great pics

    Did he get her phone number? The suit was veeeery cool
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    AWESOME picsI dig the suit,a little 007.
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    My God, no offense intended here but that child has ornery written all over his face! The middle picture is incredibly cute. Miss World should be paying that kid to pose with her!

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    I was thinking he should be the one with the angels wings....his hair could cover up his mischievious horns...LOL

    What a handsome little boy...hes cute.
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