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Thread: stem enhance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
    Don´t...don´t believe....don´t believe the hype!

    thank you. i will be giggling over this picture for the next day or two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StemEnhanceAdvocate View Post
    As a long-term user and distributor of StemEnhance, I can tell you that its efficiency is only at its peak when consumed with human or animal urine. This is not as crazy as it sounds. StemEnhance is made from a sort of blue-green algae called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (or AFA) -- what you may call "pond scum." AFA thrives on raw sewage, which is why StemTech harvests the material for StemEnhance from Upper Klamath Lake, which is rich with animal sewage from the neighboring ranches. Drinking urine with StemEnhance activates the dormant algae as it enters into your body, thereby increasing the supplement's effectiveness by up to 200%. More importantly, it enhances the natural Anatoxins (a chemical cousin to cocaine) present in AFA, increasing the energy boost experienced by StemEnhance users. Nearly every successful distributor of StemEnhance uses the product this way, and I can personally guarantee you that every person you hear about who suddenly regains their ability to walk, survives a fall from a tall building, or recovers from a near-fatal illness thanks to StemEnhance has taken this product with a liberal dose of urine. Though I personally use Ph7 cow urine to best simulate the conditions in Upper Klamath Lake, many of my married clients have taken to drinking each others urine, which they say adds a level of intimacy to their relationship.
    You laugh at Flav, I'm laughing at this.

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    I am trying this tomorrow,will give a reply if it helps on my condition.

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