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Thread: Do you work?

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    i work for free and i teach people what love,pain ,anger ,faith means .
    dont ask me to predict the future i can predict only past and present.
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    I was paralyzed when I was 26 in 1991 (16 years ago). I receive my full pension as I was hurt while in the army. I started a printing business so I also work about 10 - 12 hours per day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RehabRhino

    Yes. A moderator can delete posts if they are duplicated or the OP has a good reason. What do you want deleting?
    It was a duplicate post. Then I edited it to ask the question.
    4/6/97, car accident, C5.

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    Post Yes, I do.

    That's the short answer. I recently posted the long answer on my blog, so I'll link you to it instead of writing it again. The details not posted there are that I have a C-5/6 complete SCI since age 26. Because of my employment, I do not qualify for any government benefits, subsidies, or entitlememnts.

    Quote Originally Posted by rybread
    I'm just curious, how many of us work, how long have you been paralyzed, how old were you when you became paralyzed, what level are you, what did you do before your paralysis, what you do know or what do you plan on doing,is there anything holding you back from working and do you receive any kind of disability payment?

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    What do you do for work? you get insurance that covers what is needed when having an sci. Needed is a crappy word.
    Just tryin to get some ideas\
    Pre injury i printed tshirts.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by barondidit you get insurance that covers what is needed when having an sci. Needed is a crappy word.
    Just tryin to get some ideas\
    Pre injury i printed tshirts.
    hey barondidit : i have my own business 11 yrs , but right now i take 0 from it and live off provincial disability about 1350.00 per month with all med. and dent. benefits, my personal opinion is anyone who survives sci should never have to work ever again! ever unless they want to !

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    I've been a Database Admin, System Admin, Systems Programmer, Programmer Analyst, etc.

    My employers all provided insurance, but sometimes when you're a new employee they don't cover pre-existing conditions for some period of time, typically 6 months to a year. The insurance covers most things I need.

    What do you like to do?

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    I am a Lead Software Developer and my insurance covers just about everything except the hot tub.

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    Our insurance at work isn't very good for the small stuff. Way too much hassle to get re-imbursed . I just pay out of pocket most of the time.


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    Was a welder for a stainless steel machining company. Loved my job. Great wage, benefit package, worked at my own pace. Fell 15 feet backwards in a steel tank. Don't remember how it even happened. Now I'm living on workmans comp and ssi. $4,500 a month with full medical for now, until my settlement, it's livable, but I'm still undecided what I want to do. No matter what, I know i'll have to settle for a sit down job now.
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