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Thread: Do you work?

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    I board horses and give riding and roping lessons. Still have insurance from my "real" job, where I was a software developer.

    Brian Cody

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    Quote Originally Posted by J2Extreme
    Since 2003 I have been looking 4 a job. I fill out applications, not only for graphic design, but also for customer service, and other positions. I never get call backs.
    I don’t know the problem. I do run my own freelance design company. & . I get small jobs here and there, but not enough and not steady. I also run the largest adaptive action sports website in the world, . its all none profit, really I make nothing, still waiting for those big sponsors. I am currently working on a project and starting a business that will give freedom to people with disabilities. Top secret but coming spring of 2008
    Is the secret out yet?
    I am sooo impressed by what you did.

    Before my sci 3 yrs ago, I was in the middle of studying bio-medical engineering. I wasn't very interested in it but I wanted to start uni and that's where I ended up. I went back for two semesters after the sci, but it was so impractical: organising transportation, having to be home to cath every 6 hrs. I ended up not going to any classes 2nd semester, learning at home w/a tutor. So I quit; like I said it didn't interest me so much.

    So now i do sfa all day. I would maybe go back to school if I could find something that I would like, but, alas, I am a dispassionate person.

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    You ever start CAD classes?

    I went a similar route with work. My injury happened three years into a union career in the trades, fire sprinklers. I had no interest in design/drafting or sitting in an office but knew that was an easy in. After finishing two of the five classes in and AutoCAD bachelors program at the JC I went back to work at a fire sprinkler contractor. I needed my younger brothers help just to buy stuff online before my injury. So learning CAD in the beginning was a little tough. I totally love it now. AutoCAD, not the job. Building stuff was great, especially with union wages and benefits, but the business and of it blows.

    Have you checked with Ford's design department to find out what software they are using? They may be using a program that is better at three dimensional design. Something like Solid Works. I tried to go back to the JC for Solid Works classes myself but just couldn't hang after working all day. I also realized I could teach myself. Sitting through a couple classes was a nice little intro.

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    coming up on my nickel aniversary of living l.o.w. I am an engineering technician (paid internship) Full time in college (aerospace engineering).

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    I was just about to head toward taking my classes when I got these pressure sores. Once again stupid little medical things holding me back. It's not the first time but hopefully the last. As far as the software, I Have Solid Works on my computer and play with it once in a while it would help if I had something to draw out on it. I put a couple of my ideas through it but I haven't submitted them yet. Hopefully next semester will be the semester I can go back if not just China direct placement job with on-the-job training.
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    Moderators is there anyway that that two what do you do for threads can be merged into one thread? I know threads can be merged on some boards.

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    that would be cool if an admin cold merge the threads.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by barondidit
    that would be cool if an admin cold merge the threads.
    C5/6 incomplete

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    Thanks rhino
    Hmmm what do like to do???? not quite sure yet. I managed tshir screenpinting companies for 15 years. I DO know how to run one from the bottom up. I think i could easily run my own print shop.....if i had the capital/credit. so its back to school, but for what?? im so scared of having myy ssdi and section8 taken because i started working. Yes, the ammount is poor, and not enogh to live on, neither were most of the jobs i had before sci. Is scary as fuck to me that ill be busting my ass in pain, at a job for the same ammount im getting from the govt.....from/by PAYING TAXES by me/you. Rather be fishing like some others if thats gona be the case.
    Could someone please explain in detalil what the 9 month waiv period is and how it works exactly.
    Has it been five years yet? ..........

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    My job is stay at home dad, oh that job doesn't exist does it? Thats what my wife says anyway.
    Go Georgia Bulldogs

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