Nice thread rybread, I was just thinking of posting the same thing. I am 27 years old now. Had my SCI 8 years ago at the age of 19. I am a C5 complete. Before my SCI I had tones of jobs because I was working since age 12 when I started painting houses in and outside. I worked at as a paper boy also.
Once I turned 16 and was able to work legally I worked at 2 stores 'all for $51" and "spencers" then i worked at jiffy lube for 1.5 years. I was a certified Lube Tech and completed over 10,000 vehicles fluid changes, oil, transmission, differential, final drives, transfer cases, and radiators, before the age of 18. At 18.5 years old I started installing and working for a HVAC company. Installing duck work n gas pipe in new houses. Ripping out old furnaces n installing new. Creating duck work... after doing that for 4 months and being denied a raise from $8.50 an hour I decided to change jobs. My next job and last before my SCI I was working at an auto body shop for 3 months. I was transportation driver, car prepper before paint, and also learning how to do body work n paint.

Then I had my motorcycle accident. 2 years after my SCI I went back to school. I didn’t have much interest in anything because I love working with my hands and now no longer was able to use them. I did the only other thing I thought I could and did before my SCI. I went to school for graphic design. After 2 years in 2002 I graduated. I worked at a company that made electric bikes and atvs during my internship for 7 months. The company then was closing slowly. They couldn’t keep 2 designers so they kept the guy that was there before me.

Since 2003 I have been looking 4 a job. I fill out applications, not only for graphic design, but also for customer service, and other positions. I never get call backs.
I don’t know the problem. I do run my own freelance design company. & . I get small jobs here and there, but not enough and not steady. I also run the largest adaptive action sports website in the world, . its all none profit, really I make nothing, still waiting for those big sponsors. I am currently working on a project and starting a business that will give freedom to people with disabilities. Top secret but coming spring of 2008