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Thread: Do you work?

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    East Haven, CT
    I am a computer programmer and my insurance pays for most stuff that I need, including 100% of a new chair once every 36 months.
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    High school teacher. Insurance covers most things...

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    I worked f/t as a speech language pathologist and my DME suppllies were covered under my company's insurance.
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    I had my own business. I have SSDI as well as personal dissability insurance, I am on Medicare but also covered under my wife's insurance. I also have VA benefits, they cover all meds an supplies.

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    My husband (L1) just went back to work as a police dispatcher. He is on the same insurance as when he got injured so we don't have to worry about pre-existing conditions. They cover pretty much everything.

    I used to work with a SCI guy (have no idea what his injury level was, knew nothing about SCI at the time) who started in health insurance customer service and worked his way up to a sales rep. He, of course, had awesome insurance working for the company.

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    Police & Fire Dispatcher. Customer Service at my local natural gas company but then the police job came along a month later. Switchboard Operator at my local hospital. Data entry clerk. Even worked at a pizza joint answering the phone, working on their computer billing - even scrubbed the toilet a few times - blech!

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    Part time seasonal clerical position for British Columbia Ministry of Forests Protection program, trying to become one of those evil DME sales types that everybody loves to hate

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    I've been running my own business doing doing web sites for over 7 years now. It doesn't provide enough for my own insurance yet, so funding comes from my father's employer.
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    I live offthe government, volunteer a couple days a week, go to the gym a few times a week, take care of my kids on weekends, plus my housing co-op duties... I don't have time for a job lol.
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    Baron, I had asked the same question last year. Check out the thread here
    C-5/6, 7-9-2000
    Scottsdale, AZ

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