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Thread: May I brag a little?

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    May I brag a little?

    I was helping in my daughter's classroom today and the kids were reading out loud to the class what they wrote about someone in their family.

    One kid wrote about her grandpa. She described the way he looked and said that he was a dentist.

    Another kid wrote about his brother. He said he is 14 years old and he is a really cool guy and he attracts girls easily.

    Another kid wrote about his dad. He said his dad is sometimes very strict, but that's okay because it's for his own good. He said his dad is extra strict in the mornings because his dad doesn't like getting out of bed. He said his dad is happier in the evenings. He also said that his dad loves football and that he wears shirts with sleeves.

    Another kid wrote about his big sister. He said how old she is and how tall she is and described what she looks like and that she is very pretty. He said she gets the highest grades in her class and that she plays soccer.

    My daughter wrote about me. She titled it, "The Woman With the Huge Heart". She said that her mom is so nice that her heart must be bigger than her brain. She said that she wasn't saying that her mom wasn't smart, because the fact is, she's also very smart, but her heart is huge!

    I'm so lucky.

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    I'm sorry, I meant to put this in the family forum. Mods, could you please move it?

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    This made me smile

    I've never wanted kids but my five-year-old niece is so sweet to me it chokes me up sometimes. I can only imagine its 10 times stronger with your own child
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    AAAWWWWW You have the best daughter.
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    That is very sweet, Shannon.

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    Thanks! She's such a great kid. I just hope our good relationship continues through her teenage years.

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    Shannon I know it just makes your heart swell with joy to hear that from your daughter . You are very lucky to have such a little sweetie. My Melissa is almost 13 now and I know she loves me but I do get a lot of backtalk and now she thinks I'm 'uncool.' I know it's just her age, hormones and the natural striving for independence but it makes me yearn for the days when she worshipped me. Cherish this time with her and even though she may go through a lot of the normal 'teenage' stuff, it will be OK. Love endures.


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    That is so sweet! I got a kiss on the neck today from mine...but I figure he wants something! Diamond is right, enjoy this bit!

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    That was very nice and worth bragging about ;LBush I would think this forum is a nice place to post it

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    Awww too cute!
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