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Thread: Duragesic/fentanyl patch use price placement??

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    I place the patch on side of my nipple, about a quarter-inch away from it. It's worked best for me there. It never falls off in that spot either. I've found the best relief from the Mylan brand as well, and I change mine every 48hrs, instead of every 72, which means I get 15 per month.

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    What state do you live in where you cannot get at least hospitalization insurance if working; pay for the hysterectomy in cash-docs do give discounted prices for uninsured cash patients; and, if not working qualify for medicaid or medicare? It doesn't take many months of $600 to pay for a hysty especially if it can be done vaginally. If your endometriosis is this bad where your gyn is prescribing fentanyl he/she should be able to get you in for surgery even if uninsured.

    As for fibro, have you discussed detoxing and then trying Lyrica? Detoxing is hell but once through it you have some of your life back. I assume that with the patches your IBS is constipation dominant? My PCP just recently spoke with his drug sales person and she was saying many both C and D dominant are reporting great relief from a multiple probiotics supplement called something like Allyn that is OTC at Walgreens and CVS. I'm IBS-D and controlled taking cholestryamine daily with a rare oxycodone 5mg when it flares. Been through migranes as a teen and into my early 20s. Hiding in a dark room, cool clothes and silence are now helped with some new topical meds.

    IOWs, fix what causes the most pain and then reshuffle the cards for the least pain relief needed. Drug seeking is a bad sign as you do acknowledge. Now act on it.

    This site is aimed primarily at those with spinal cord injuries. Placement of the patches, without doctor review, below the level of injury can cause a serious condition in these people resulting in stroke, coma or death. So if their feeling stops at the arms then that is why their doctors say place on arms. This also lets them know if the itching is an allergy to the adhesive. BTDT, sucked. If placed below where they have feeling at first their first allergic reaction may be not itching but skyrocketing blood pressure. Just so you know why pain meds on this site may be used in a different manner than you use.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmer__
    Hi, I've been on the Duragesic patch for over 4 years.

    I have a lot of pain from fibromyalgia, migraines, endometriosis, and IBS. My Fibromyalgia seems to make the rest of my issues 10x worse than the average person. All doctors can do is put me on pain killers as well as Soma and Lorazapan. I have never had insurance; if I did I would get a hysterectomy to easy 80% of my pain. My fiancé was paying $600 a month just for this patch. Unfortunately (because I should have just got off these med years ago) I was approved for the "Patients Assistant Program" when he could not pay for it anymore and I now get the name brand for free. So that's a quick background on me.
    I have not checked on this in many years but from what I remember reading, it's not advisable to place the patch on your arms or legs. I get cold sweats a lot, especially with pain onset, so it's a problem for it to stay on, especially on thin skin like my chest. I'm laying down a lot so the best place I have found is back or buttocks but this comes with the bad side effect of the patch not lasting the full 72hours and withdrawals as well as giving in and replacing the patch early. This is because the heat and pressure makes the medicine enter the body quicker. I admit I do this (as well as other ways to get more out of them) but I have become habituated as well as addicted to the patch and the 100mg is not enough for "break through pain". If the patch is not lasting 72hours then find a different place for the patch. Yes it does drop off the third day but you should be able to get through it if it's not being used up faster than normal. I do think that my body does take it in quicker during certain times of the month but my fiancé does not believe this and we have found no proof of this on the net.

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    **Warning** to people that care about some one that is on the patch (written by my fiancée...I don't agree with all of these): Look for modeling of the skin where patch is used. This is from excess heat being applied from sources like heating pads, even bottles of water or damp rags heated in microwaves. The patch will also irritate skin to the point of creating sores if it is used over and over in the same spot and/or heat is applied. The patch should never be used on broken skin. This may sound like giving bad ideas but trust me a person on this patch will find these ways and maybe more given enough time. Withdrawal symptoms (patch not lasting the full 3 days) are general discomfort and restlessness, leg pains, no appetite, sweats, insomnia and asking for changing patch early or more meds of other type. Signs of over dose (med in patch is being used up quicker): Itching of the face, attitude changes (sometimes bad attitude or being flighty), feeling up to doing more (including sexual activities) than one is accustomed to and crashing from it or being very sore the next day...and therefore needing more meds. Yes this all will strike a nerve with her but we both know that getting the word out on this is very important and both views must be given. I do love you sweetheart.
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    This is a very dangerous drug and it should only be prescribed to a patient that has someone in their lives that can administer and help keep an eye on them (this should be a law). Me and my fiancé had no idea how out of control this situation could get until it did. Now he keeps all the meds in a small safe with a digital keypad (I kept looking for the key with the old key safe we had). He has been begging me to get off the patch for over 2 years but I can't. He has told me for the past few years that the patch was not taking care of my pain any longer but I did not believe him for some time. After reading many horror stories just like mine I do realize that this is no longer having the effect that it had but I still am very scared to go thru the withdrawals to get off this.
    I have never been addicted to anything and never did drugs when I was young but this pain and this patch have turned me into something I am not. I have put my fiancé through hell but my hell has been worse. I thank God he is still by my side. I know this story may sound extreme, especially if you only plan to be on this for a few weeks or months due to a short term injury, but please don't let anyone tell you this is a good med for chronic pain.
    Hope this helps, if I can answer more question let me know.
    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

    Disclaimer: Answers, suggestions, and/or comments do not constitute medical advice expressed or implied and are based solely on my experiences as a SCI patient. Please consult your attending physician for medical advise and treatment. In the event of a medical emergency please call 911.

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    to frustrated...have you talked to your dr about the SCS implant. i am almost to that point. ive only been using fentanyl for about 6 months now. i am only up to 37mg but my pain spec says that the implant would be a good choice for me. has anyone else heard about the SCS implant or has had one done

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    i put the patch on my lower back just above the waist line and just to the left lookin down on ur nipples about a quarter inch in from them on ur chest. i found that them 2 spots works best and they stay on..oh and they were the brand name duragesic..the mylan patch in my opinion sux.

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    what is the scs implant?

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    hi all ,

    i have the exact same problem as you have all described ... day 3 , and no pain relief !!

    i have tried time and time again to ask GP, Reumo and Neurologist what i can do about this - even suggested what some of you have said - Doctor allowing you to change them every 2 days - but they just say '' no , that would give you an overdose''
    I cant understand how one doctor can say 'yes , its alright to change every 48hrs'
    mine say
    'no' ??

    im on Fentynal 75mgs/hr , have been for almost 4 years.

    does anyone know about 'slow release morphine tablets'

    im getting so fed up with this 3rd day - im willing to come off them and try something else

    mel xx

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    We must have different patches than you, we only change once a week. Even cancer patients. I use a Duragesic patch, only a 5 mg but together with clonazepam it has taken all my pain. And the strongest one you can get is only 20 mg.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Just started using the fentanyl patch (mylan I think) Any advise for me do's and don'ts how does it make you feel? I'm I going to fall asleep in my food bowl? All the little details............I felt like my doc was more worried that I was going to abuse it, so did tell me much......I had my back broke in 8 places i can walk but not with out a poop load of pain......please help ty all

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    FYI- The Duragesic Brand Name and Sandoz Fentanyl are exactly the same.One gets labeled with Brand and the other Generic. I know this because I work in a pharmacy. There is not difference in them. The real difference is in the Mylan brand because it's not made the same. I've had problems with the Mylan brand in that it releases all the medication into my system at one time and then I suffer for several days. If the patch is not lasting the full 72hrs talk to your DR about switching it to every 2 days. Most are willing to do this. Plus it cuts down on the skin irritation caused by the patches themselves. Hope this helps.

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    As i am commenting in 2010, hopefully you have "solved" your issues. Yeah right! My wife c-1/2 incomplete does this routine. Monday 25mcg Sandoz, Tues 12.5 mcg mylan (yep, i cut the 25's)Wed 25mcg Sandoz, Thu 12.5 mylan, Fri I replace 25 sandoz with new sandoz. So at all times she has 2-25's and 2-12.5's. Insurance allows for 20 patches per month. She swears some patches are duds or releases unevenly. Could be the body is doing its own regulation or withdrawals. Placement is 25's go on upper arm area and half patches go on breasts. She is level 8 pain 24/7.

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