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Thread: Duragesic/fentanyl patch use price placement??

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    Duragesic/fentanyl patch use price placement??

    Hi All

    Can anyone tell me where they had the best relief of pain in reguards to where they place the patch?

    If you use the brand name you can call the phone number on the box and set up to get free covers that go over the patch that help you keep it on and they are free with proof of purchase.

    Generic verse brand name has anyone noticed adifference I can only get the relief from the brand name?

    Generic verse brand name. My insurace wants me to pay the difference if I want the brand name over the generic about 300.00 per month this is getting expensive any sugesstions?

    Thanks Mark

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    My Dr. told me NOT to use the generic when it first came out. She said it was dangerous, as to how I do not know but I believe her. I ended up having to try the generic because of insurance purposes but ended up being allergic to it. So I'm back on the name brand and the insurance is picking it all up.

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    I find I have to place it on my side, down where I have less sensation. Otherwise it itches like mad, and at some point in the 72 hours I am sure to scratch. I was putting it on my upper arm, but kept running out of places with un-irritated skin to put it on. I haven't had any trouble with the generic (mine is Sandoz), have been using it since I came home. (I had the brand name in the hospital and has the same itching issues .... just my skin and tape.)

    edited to add: After posting here, I went searching on the net. It appears that the Sandoz brand IS made by the same company as the Duragesic, another generic Mylan is NOT the same. I found a LOT if information here at the American Pain Foundation.
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    Fentayl name Brand Vs Generic

    I originally tried the Generic myself and it wasn't working at all for me so my Doctor suggested I try the name brand and told me a lot of people have problems with the generic version. I tried Mylan's patch and it just didn't feel like it worked at all and I went back on pills until I was able to get my insurance to approve the Brand name which worked. However, the brand name, Duragesic states its a 72 hr release but I was having problems after the first 2 days. I found out from my Doctor that, that too is a common problem. The patch seems to stay consistant for the first 2 days and drops off on the third day so now I replace it every 48hrs instead of 72hrs.

    As for where to put it, the upper chest seems to work best, it is hard finding new places, but I've noticed that's where it seems to work best and I spoke with someone else who was on it for a long time and she said the same thing, she put it on her breasts, but I just put it right above it and move it from side to side. After speaking to Duragesic over the phone, they agreed that above the waist is best.

    Oh, one last thing. My Doctor said that the reason the generic doesn't work as well is that it doesn't have a filter on it like the brand name does. When you put on the generic its just clear with the glue/medication right there but the brand has another thin layer between the glue and the medication so she said that's what controls the release better.

    Hope that helps.

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    I am having the problem with the Duragesic running out in 48 hrs now, the 3rd day has been hell for a while now. I'm talking to my Dr on the 31 about what to do.

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    My experience with the patch.

    Hi, I've been on the Duragesic patch for over 4 years.

    I have a lot of pain from fibromyalgia, migraines, endometriosis, and IBS. My Fibromyalgia seems to make the rest of my issues 10x worse than the average person. All doctors can do is put me on pain killers as well as Soma and Lorazapan. I have never had insurance; if I did I would get a hysterectomy to easy 80% of my pain. My fiancé was paying $600 a month just for this patch. Unfortunately (because I should have just got off these med years ago) I was approved for the "Patients Assistant Program" when he could not pay for it anymore and I now get the name brand for free. So that's a quick background on me.
    I have not checked on this in many years but from what I remember reading, it's not advisable to place the patch on your arms or legs. I get cold sweats a lot, especially with pain onset, so it's a problem for it to stay on, especially on thin skin like my chest. I'm laying down a lot so the best place I have found is back or buttocks but this comes with the bad side effect of the patch not lasting the full 72hours and withdrawals as well as giving in and replacing the patch early. This is because the heat and pressure makes the medicine enter the body quicker. I admit I do this (as well as other ways to get more out of them) but I have become habituated as well as addicted to the patch and the 100mg is not enough for "break through pain". If the patch is not lasting 72hours then find a different place for the patch. Yes it does drop off the third day but you should be able to get through it if it's not being used up faster than normal. I do think that my body does take it in quicker during certain times of the month but my fiancé does not believe this and we have found no proof of this on the net.

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    **Warning** to people that care about some one that is on the patch (written by my fiancée...I don't agree with all of these): Look for modeling of the skin where patch is used. This is from excess heat being applied from sources like heating pads, even bottles of water or damp rags heated in microwaves. The patch will also irritate skin to the point of creating sores if it is used over and over in the same spot and/or heat is applied. The patch should never be used on broken skin. This may sound like giving bad ideas but trust me a person on this patch will find these ways and maybe more given enough time. Withdrawal symptoms (patch not lasting the full 3 days) are general discomfort and restlessness, leg pains, no appetite, sweats, insomnia and asking for changing patch early or more meds of other type. Signs of over dose (med in patch is being used up quicker): Itching of the face, attitude changes (sometimes bad attitude or being flighty), feeling up to doing more (including sexual activities) than one is accustomed to and crashing from it or being very sore the next day...and therefore needing more meds. Yes this all will strike a nerve with her but we both know that getting the word out on this is very important and both views must be given. I do love you sweetheart.
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    This is a very dangerous drug and it should only be prescribed to a patient that has someone in their lives that can administer and help keep an eye on them (this should be a law). Me and my fiancé had no idea how out of control this situation could get until it did. Now he keeps all the meds in a small safe with a digital keypad (I kept looking for the key with the old key safe we had). He has been begging me to get off the patch for over 2 years but I can't. He has told me for the past few years that the patch was not taking care of my pain any longer but I did not believe him for some time. After reading many horror stories just like mine I do realize that this is no longer having the effect that it had but I still am very scared to go thru the withdrawals to get off this.
    I have never been addicted to anything and never did drugs when I was young but this pain and this patch have turned me into something I am not. I have put my fiancé through hell but my hell has been worse. I thank God he is still by my side. I know this story may sound extreme, especially if you only plan to be on this for a few weeks or months due to a short term injury, but please don't let anyone tell you this is a good med for chronic pain.
    Hope this helps, if I can answer more question let me know.

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    I had the same problem and am now off the 12mcg patch. It seems my body was absorbing it way too fast for whatever the reason. I am post menopausal and do have hot flashes so that might have contributed to it; just not sure. To make a long story short the 1st and 3rd days were he@@! So, she did the calculations and I came off of it by taking 4 Vicodin a day and am now down to just 1 5/500. The 2nd day...the day I had the most relief was when I was the most out of it and the SE's did not abate for the whole month. The withdrawals were not bad at all...but again, I was only on the 12mcg and just for one month. There were a couple of bumpy days but I did pretty well overall. Just remember that even though the Fentanyl will be gone from your system after a few hours the withdrawals can last a lot longer. For me it was roughly two to three weeks. And to be honest, I feel better without it. I know not everyone has these issues and will be fine with it. But I just couldn't tolerate it. I was just drenched in sweat every day and that was just too much for me to tolerate.

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    tell dr

    Quote Originally Posted by duge
    I am having the problem with the Duragesic running out in 48 hrs now, the 3rd day has been hell for a while now. I'm talking to my Dr on the 31 about what to do.
    I had the same thing happen to me so I told my Dr that I was having hell and felt bad he upped the time to change them to every two or every 48 hr but look out this will work for about a two years and them you will have to go up on the mg good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by grillman39
    I had the same thing happen to me so I told my Dr that I was having hell and felt bad he upped the time to change them to every two or every 48 hr but look out this will work for about a two years and them you will have to go up on the mg good luck
    Same here. The 3rd day was always hell, so I told me doctor about that and he said that it happens to some people, so he gave me 5 more patches per month and I was to change them every 48hours. I was on 50mcg at that time, and now I'm on 75mcg, and I'm thinking that's going to be bumped up to 100mcg sometime in the near future

    I prefer the Mylan brand of Fentanyl. It's the one without the gel inside of it. It sticks so much better, and I find that it works 10x better for me. The Sandoz brand was the kind with the gel that I used to get, and it only worked about half as well as the Mylan. The Mylan is also so much smaller compared to the gel type. Also, you don't have a risk of accidentally puncturing the patch and having the gel come out. A recall was recently made on the gel type too, because some of them had a puncture in it, which would release the drug faster.

    I place the patch on my chest. I've tried the arm and other places, but it just sticks better on my chest. It's about an inch to theright of my left nipple right now, and it'd be an inch to the left of my right nipple when I change it in 2 days.

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    I've been on these patches now for 5+ years and I'm on 125mcq. I have severe lower back pain and that's what started it all. I started on the 25mcq for a few months and found that it helped but that I did need to go up. After that I was on 50mcq for about a year or more until every 3rd day was hell for me. I then went to changing my patch every 48 hours and still it wasn't enough to take care of the pain and the fact that I was now so tolerant of the pain meds I was having withdrawal. So I went to the 75mcq and shortly after that I was bumped to 100mcq. I stayed there for a couple of years until once again, I became tolerant. So my doc put me on an additional 25mcq but I change that patch out every 3 days. Now I'm at the same point. The patches are hell for me when they aren't working properly. They are a god send when they do work. I'm just so frustrated by feeling sick it's almost not worth it. The hot/cold sweats I get make me ill. I knew this would happen and it's not addiction. People get dependency from just about any type of med if taken long enough, I just don't know what to do. My doc won't bring me up anymore he wants me to chase these side effects and increased pain with Lortab 10/500. That I'm not cool with but he is leaving me no choice. I asked about switching out the 25mcq every 2 days like I do with the 100mcq, so that everyday I have a fresh patch on. He said no. I asked about going down off the patches, again, he said no.
    If there is someone out there that thinks they can help me with this problem, I'm listening.
    Oh btw, I agree that the Mylan brand is 100x better than any of the other brands. That includes the actual brand name. That's just my opinion.
    Oh and I'm only 31, looking for a bit of my life back in a pain free way.

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