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Thread: OT - anybody drive from manual wheelchair

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    OT - anybody drive from manual wheelchair

    I know this is off topic but all the action is here or cure and no where else - I just bought a new van and plan to drive from a manual wheelchair (I am A para) and have no experience -is it a bother or is it better - any info would be aprreciated - also does anyone have a titanium chair

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    If you feel comfortable driving from your chair, go for it. I tried a van driving from my chair and I didn't like it, so I'm looking at a car that I can transfer into and load my chair easily.

    And yes, I have a titanium chair.

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    Kenny - I am thinking about driving from manual chair also but am concerned about rear end collision. I posted over in Life:

    My problem with transferring to the six way seat is WHY, if there is a way to just pull under the wheel and drive off...


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    As a para wouldn't it be easie to transfer into the motorized captain chair?

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    I have moved this post over to the Life forum, which is a more appropriate locations where it will get more responses. It will be locked here.

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