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Thread: New Member looking for feedback

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    New Member looking for feedback

    I just joined this group in response to a post in the ostamates website, I am a t-10 para and am looking for members that have had to deal with getting a colostomy because I am thinking about it just to make life better and cleaner because I hafta do a routine everyday and sometimes will take over an hr just for that then 1/2 hr for a shower so gets long and gets me depressed and feel if I had a colostomy I wouldn't have the worries of doing a routine every day and could just jump outta bed and go which I haven't been able to in 7 years

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    There are a lot of threads addressing this. If you use the search option, and type in colostomy or ostomy you will get pages of them. The ones above contain a lot of information. I had an emergency illieostomy, and while it wasn;t a choice for me, I don't plan on reversing it. Good reading!
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    Hi Welcome to Carecure. I dont have any colostomy experience but just wanted to welcome you here.
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    What pro's and cons are there to having the rectum removed when having this done seeing as there would still be work sounds like once a mnth.

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