Riaan had his surgery this morning, a three hour procedure where they used artificial bone for the fusion. This afternoon at three was the first time that we could speak to him and explain what is going on. The last ten days has been a total lapse of time for him. He took it suprisingly well even making a few jokes no and then. He still has a lot of fluids in the lungs that they are trying to get rid of. It has been confirmed by the Neurosurgeon that it is a C6-7 complete injury. There goes all hope for stemcells in any event. At present he has feeling in his hands but does not seem to able to move them. Will that improve? He also asked whether he will be able to get back feeling in hes legs which I told him that I dont thinks so. The one thing that made me laugh is that he said i must stop smoking because there came a lot of "shit" out of his lungs. thanks for all your help thus far. Will most definitaley put him on here as soon as he can. They reckon that he will be out of ICU soon, he is already off the ventilator, from there he will be going straight to rehab.

Thanks again