Researchers at The Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry in NJ in collaboration with Rutgers Univ. are working on a pilot study to use biofeedback breathing exercises to regulate blood pressure (BP) fluctuations and general symptoms of AD.

I am a researcher and participant in this study (I am a quad). A participant (you would need to get to the New Brunswick, NJ campus ~3 times for initial eval and training) would monitor and record BP changes throughout the day as well as do breathing training done on a pc (the biofeedback aspect). You would be provided with the necessary programs for your pc and given a monitor device. This therapy has great potential for anyone who, like me, has multiple AD episodes (mild or severe, either I'd love to be rid of!).

If anyone is interested, please email me and I will contact the other investigators so they may discuss the project further with you.

There is no compensation for this study (except of course the potential to reduce symptoms), but if we can get enough data from initial participants this will serve as supporting data for a big grant that could easily be put into clinical trial as it is not invasive and show minimal if any health risks.

Thanks in advance!

Crista Adamson