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Thread: My stem cell treatment in China

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    Quote Originally Posted by chasb
    "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."--Chinese

    " Success in the undertaking depends upon the measure in which that Cause is kept alive and vibrant throughout. It depends upon the frequency with which the initial impulse is re-energized in heart and mind, the degree of adherence to purpose and plan."

    " Exercise Will -- initiate action -- assume the position of Doer of that which you desire to achieve! And then, as Robert Crosbie says, depend upon the power inherent within to express what you know and are. There is a magic potency in the first step taken toward a noble end in view."

    Thanks for the above, great sayings......induce great action......


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    I have read many of your posts on this forum. I wanted to thank you for all you are doing, towards the spinal cord recovery effort.

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    i second that. Suzanne you are so beautiful
    oh well

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    My dears,

    My name is Claudia and I was born prematurely at 6 months and 9 days and this leaded to a spastic paralisys. I am 26 now, thank God I can walk on my own and have quite a normal life but I want to improve and if possible get rid of this walking dissability and the stem cells treatment sound encouraging. Could you please tell me more on this, or if you heared of other treatment for my dissability ;-). Thank you all.
    I am happy for you, for every progress you make in your life ;-) wish you all the best and wonderful surprises every day.

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    I just want to walk...

    Hi, my name is dave and I just joined here today in hopes of finding new places to look for help and meeting new people in similar situations. I was injured in a car accident on Dec 1, 2005 and am a T-10 paraplegic. I went to Project Walk in CA for a week last year but my biggest obstacle is that I don't have very much support from my family to say the least. I'm willing to try stem cell surgery in China or Portugal and had been in contact with Dr. Huang in China but it is a financial issue; as is any treatment I may receive which is frustrating because my dad lives in a mansion, has a mansion in the Virgin Is. and wears a rolex that if he sold it, would pay for stem cell surgery! What can I do though? Anyway, I actually have recently made the aquaintance of Erica Nader, the first American to have stem cell surgery done in Portugal. I'm hoping if she talks to my father it will make a difference. If anyone has any information on how I might be able to receive therapy or surgeries on a limited budget please let me know. Thanks guys, Dave

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    hi dave,

    you may want to go to this event to hear what Hans Kierstead has to say

    2010 SCINet Clinical Trial Support Squad Member

    "You kids and your cures, why back when I was injured they gave us a wheelchair and that's the way it was and we liked it!" Grumpy Old Man

    .."i used to be able to goof around so much because i knew Superman had my back. now all i've got is his example -- and that's gonna have to be enough."

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    Montana, any news?

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    Hi Montana,
    How are you, have the effects lasted?
    --> What do you or what does anyone think of the fact that the cells are not "HLA matched" what is the idea behind this if people are getting improvments without HLA matched cells, are the improvements transient or short lasting comparred to if they would get HLA matched cells???

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    Guys, don't believe everything you read especially when it sounds so good. What I believe is that there is no "Montana". This tread is just a scam and was made to advertise Beike's new therapy with stem cell back in 2006. This was to good to be true. I know it from my own experience I had with Beike this very last month in Thailand. There is no point for you on checking this tread anymore. This should be reported

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