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Thread: info needed please. :)

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    info needed please. :)

    Hello to one and all.

    My name is rob. I have just returned from USA after staying with a friend for last 90 days. I have fallen in love with the place and can't see me happy until i return. I have always wanted to get into a career as a caregiver. I have 5 years experience of looking after a elderly friend of the family, but he was put into care home before i came out to USA on visit. I also have a lot of education but not in related subject. This was I.T. And music based.

    I was wondering what would be the best way of trying to get a career in care giving in USA. I live in UK. My two sisters are care givers in UK, and it seems to be a job that is well suited for the temperament of my up bringing etc.

    its something I'm very passionate about, and also very passionate about residing in USA.

    Any help at this first step would be great.

    Thanks for your time in reading this, and i hope every one is well.



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    there are a lot of places that offer training in in-home care.

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