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    a little good news

    Today my dad showed movement in his fingers! Although it was minimal and it took alot of effort the physiotherapist seen it and now they are going to start hooking his hands up to some kind of electrodes or something. I am guessing electron stimulation for his hands.

    Thank you all so much for your comments... It really helps speaking with people that have experience in what I am my family are going through. My mom asked the doctor about the FES bike and he said that it is not effective unless there are some signs of movement. He even mentioned that Christopher Reeves used this technology and it did nothing for him....although this is not what I have read...after 7 years and he began moving a finger, it could have played a role. Plus every SCI is different. Tomorrow my dad is having xrays to see how his fusion is healing, I guess to make sure everything is ok. Then he can start weight training.


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    It takes more effort than you can even imagine. Moving one finger for him is like moving a truck, for you. It will tire him a lot, he won't be able to repeat many times, at first. But this is very good news. Tell him to keep pushing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathy11
    Today my dad showed movement in his fingers! Although it was minimal and it took alot of effort the physiotherapist seen it and now they are going to start hooking his hands up to some kind of electrodes or something. I am guessing electron stimulation for his hands......

    Wow, reading this thread brought back many memories for me - sounds like the exact situation I was in 2 years ago. For approx 1.5 months after my accident, I had no fine motor movement in my right hand. Then out of no where, I saw my right thumb move a little.

    I Used FES (functional electric stim), ice baths for my hand (they said it stimulates nerves), & requested everything I could get my hands on to work them every waking hour. It was extremely slow progress (sometimes very frustrating) but I now can use that hand. It's still impaired but my ability to use it gives me independence!!! I recently got to the point that I can hold a regular pen & right with it, use a remote, etc...

    I don't know if this will make sense to your dad, but I always thought - give me a small sign of hope & I'm running with it. I really was concerned over my hand & when I saw the thumb move - at first, I couldn't believe it.

    It's been a long (sometime's frustrating) road with my hand's development but tell your dad not to give up. Tell him to try everything (see what works & what doesn't - & try it again) & don't take NO from any of the rehab staff or doctors (my experience is that they have very limited knowledge when it comes to future recovery). He's injury is still so new & he has hugh potential - don't let anyone tell him otherwise.

    I'm reading this to my sister because she was there one afternoon when my therapist was trying to work my hand with the FES but it didn't seem to be working (felt like I wasn't going anyway). I was so frustrated that I started crying & of course, got everyone else crying too. My therapist went home that night & spent hours reviewing electrode placement etc, because she knew how much I wanted it. Looking back over the last 2 years, I've really learned the importance of hope & perseverance. I might not get everything I want (walking.....yet! ), but give me some hope (a little finger movement) & I'm going to try everything I can to get it back (some people on this forum aren't even fortunate to have that). Please let him know that others have been there & he isn't alone.

    Sorry if I rambled but your post hit home for me. Keep us updated & know you guys are in our thoughts.....

    Shawn (

    Remember - Dare to Dream

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    Thank you to everyone for your response, I am very glad that there is such a helpful support group on this website....

    Bob, I was wondering what the "skate" and leg board is? That is very good news about your son! He seems to be coming a long way.

    Thank you to all for your support, it is good to beable to talk with people who have positive attitudes! I will keep you updated, tomorrow the FES starts with his hands, your stories brings us much hope.

    Thank you for your story, Shawn, my dad has the same philosophy as you- it if shows any improvement he is ready to work very hard. It is undoubtedly a slow process though, which often leds to him to frustration. I hope tomorrow will be a very good day for him, right now he sure could use it. Thanks again


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    Kathy, I'm an incomplete C6-7 and 44yrs old. I was hurt 3yrs and 8 mo. ago. My advice would be get him into the pool as soon as the stitches heal. My attitude is move what you can't move.

    With an incomplete injury you just never know, but I can say that I get more return everyday and that includes today! I workout everyday either swimming, hand biking, stationary bike or some other activity that moves you.

    Ask him to make a habit out of thinking about the movements that are happenning even if he is not the one making them move. Linking the thought to the movement to combat learned non-use is the hardest part! For me, many areas took years before I could feel the thought!

    Good luck. Pat

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    Pat is so right. Seems like half the battle in rehab came when the day was over. I would lie in bed and try and try to move things. Just trying to make a connection. Maybe it will work, maybe not, but you're just laying around anyway...

    He's right about the pool too.

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    Hi everyone,

    I want to thank everyone for their comments and concern once again. I can't express how much it means to me. Things have been really good, in the last couple of weeks for my dad. A couple of times he has had bladder sensation and they are still working with his hands, using the electrial stimulation. It is undoubtedbly, a slow process. He had his six week post operation visit with the neurosurgeon who performed his surgery. The doc said that there was no rupture of the spinal cord or the capsule that encases the spinal cord..does anyone have any insight into what this means? He said that my dad has to work real hard and should recover well.

    In any event for christmas I am going to make a book for my dad, using many of the comments you all have provided me. I think it will serve as a great inspiration to him. What better to help you through a difficult time, than to learn from those that have been there. If anyone would like to send some words of encouragement or things that helped you through your journey, it would be greatly appreciated. You can send it to me privately if you would like. Once again, thank you so much and I will continue to keep you updated.


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