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Thread: Am I alone again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young

    I also have that fear occasionally, that nothing much will happen in the Wise.
    Do you believe that other scientists feel this way? Biotech and technology will have breakthroughs in the next decade 100% Maybe not science- but you cannot disregard technology as science is your speciality. I believe that through computer chips quads have a chance and through limb devices and other new wave things para's will get up.

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    Whenever someone talks about microchipped electrical stimulus or robotic exoskeletons I can only fear how tempremental this kind of technology might be.
    I have enough trouble with unreliable (suposedly "smart" ) washing machines and various other technical devices that are designed to make my life easier that invariably malfunction at the worst possible time.
    The is the beauty of living things ,we heal .When a machine of any kind stuffs up it stays stuffed up. I pray that any cure that comes along happens with the least amount of invasion possible because if my erratic washing machine is pissing me off I can only imagine the tears that a tempremental robotic leg would cause.

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    i'm c4 quad 4 years post injury and I can't suicide myself.....if I can i'll do'it. I'm just scared about worst !! because can be worst. I'm not afraid by death...i'm afraid about hard life.

    sorry my offtopic

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