View Poll Results: What Color is Your Bum? (Bum bone area)

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  • Pink as a baby's butt (no significant difference)

    27 62.79%
  • Light biggie

    13 30.23%
  • Medium Red...hmmmm

    1 2.33%
  • Medium Dark Red..double hmmmm & wonder a li'l

    0 0%
  • Dark Red...worry, butt it goes away anywho

    1 2.33%
  • Bad Bum..Dark Red, skin sluffs off, butt no breakdown

    1 2.33%
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Thread: Poll: What's your Bum Color? (only on

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    i have scars from hosp. stays and my time in rehab and nursing home, but at the end of my typical 16 hour day in chair its basically same as when i got up...occasional redness but nothin that lasts.....

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    I didn't vote 'cuz mine was none of the's just normal looking when I lay down at night. But I do a lot of pressure lifts during the day, I'm T5.

    But you are one humorous monkeyGirl, that's for sure Anything that makes me laugh is a good thing thanks
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    Holy Cat Man.........

    Wow, I'm pretty shocked actually. I guess I'm "NOT" expecting too much from a cushion. I'll keep searching I guess. There's not many left to try. I think I'm at about 12 or 13 now. I want a baby's bum like you guys...whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Maybe I'll just get a transplant, Yeah that's it, that's the ticket, a big plump, pink, soft & cushy brand new tushy.......Yeah baby..................

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    i have a little bum

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    Red when i have a good spanking

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