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Thread: anyone run Ubuntu?

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    cool, thanks guys. If I can figure out how to safely dual-boot my powermac (i.e. w/o screwing up my OS X install), I'll play with it more.

    Q: what's an ideal amount of disk space / ram to run Ubuntu smoothly? Of course more is better, but I may dig around ebay and see if I can get my hands on an older lightweight notebook (e.g. Thinkpad X30) for a few hundred bucks to put a copy on.

    Justin: thanks, will PM you if I need it.

    John: sorry.

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    I'm running a 1G swap and 14.5G Ext2 Which will be PLENTY of space. I think a CD expands out to just about 3G.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john smith
    Man, I wish you guys would start speaking English.

    i was thinkin the same thing, lol.

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    It was Ubuntu that I tried to install to my second drive, which overwrote my master drive and killed everything on it. Thank goodness I had a backup. Be careful when installing any second operating system, and always back up what you have first.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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