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Thread: Why does my mouse freeze?

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    Why does my mouse freeze?

    I have this problem from time to time. I'll use my computer normally. Then I'll go eat dinner or something and when I return, the mouse doesn't work. I have to turn the computer off and back on. Restarting doesn't always work. I troubleshooted the mouse with the device manager and I'm told it's working properly. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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    Assuming it is a USB mouse, try plugging it directly in to one of the ports on your computer rather than through a hub (or if on a mac, rather than through the monitor or keyboard).

    See if that helps at all.

    Second step is going to be to try a different mouse, and see if the problems follow the hardware.

    -- JB

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    Well, you haven't given much info about you "freezing mouse". Does it need a coat?

    OR - are you sure it is the mouse? does the keyboard still work? maybe your computer has shut down the hard drive?
    If you are using "winders" try right-clicking on the desktop (when the mouse is thawed),
    go to properties
    click on the "screen saver" tab
    Click on the second "settings" button (energy star settings)
    See where it says "shut down hard drives"? - make it say "never"

    Try that then let us know

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    My mouse is a basic optical mouse with a ps2 connector. When it freezes, the keyboard still works. I run windows xp, and I checked the hard drive setting. It was already set to never.

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    forget that, someone wasn't paying attention....

    I'd try swapping the connection with the kybd and see what happens..
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