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Thread: other family members sci

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    other family members sci

    Im mindy and been a C6/7 injury since age 17, im 25 now. Mu question is are there people here who have others in family with sci or is my family doomed. I have a distant cousin thats a para but we dont relly see each other but last month my sister age 19 became a c4 injury, that is just to wierd, anyone else go through this. Mindy

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    It does happen. I have had three patients with siblings who already had a SCI, 3 who had parents with a SCI, and 2 that had uncles with SCI. Quite a few more had close friends with SCI.


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    Well its good to know uour family is not cursed then. As my sister rehabs I have been able to offer support, since I went through it. It will be weird though for my parents having us both in chairs.

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    Chad's cousin sustained an SCI 2 years ago. No curse, just a statistical anamoly ... a sad one though. (( hug ))
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    Yes, I have a distant cousin who's been a quad since the 70's.

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