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Thread: Nosey nurse asking questions….what do I say

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    Glad to hear you reported her. Hopefully her other case(s) will do the same or end up getting her license revoked.
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    Red face

    Taj, sounds like you did all right things. And do keep an eye out for a while, we had a disgruntled whacko aide rob us after dismissing her. Deb

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    Good deal getting rid of psycho.

    I had a caregiver steal a large bottle of Percocet. When I went to my doctor he told me it might be a good idea to file a report with the police. My wife and I knew she took it, but neither one of us actually witnessed it. The police looked into it and when they went to question her at her apartment, they busted her with marijuana in plain view. Months later another quad I know hired someone after advertising in the newspaper. Turned out he had the same person. I told him he better fire her immediately. He had some stuff missing from his house as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taj2002
    Thanks for all the great comments. I guess until I started reading these comments, I didn’t realize just how unprofessional she is. She is so wacky the more that I think about it. She tells me she is in love with Keith Urban the country singer. She cuts his picture out of magazines and tapes them to her nursing notebook. I halfway expect to see her with a piece of notebook paper writing out “Mrs. Keith Urban” over and over. One Sunday morning she even had the nerve to tell me that she was out drinking until 3am and drove home drunk (plus she was at our house the next morning at 8:00 am.) My husband is a C3-C4 quad due to the negligence of a teenage driver crossing the median of a divided highway. I cannot stand to hear about impaired drivers. It makes me just sick to think what could happen to someone else. It sounds like this girl is like 17 doesn’t it? Sadly no, she is 47.

    Actually my husband called the Director of Nursing at the agency which is rare for him. I usually handle all that stuff. They knew it must be pretty bad since he called. I have also talked to the Director myself this week. Needless to say, he was not too happy. I haven’t caught her in any nursing mistakes per say, but her attitude and behaviors are just unacceptable. I am having a new nurse orient tomorrow and another next week. I don’t think wacko will be back here to our house. I feel sorry for her other clients. I know that she even cares for an 8 year old. Poor kid. I am halfway afraid that she may somehow confront me after the nursing director gets done with her. He said that they would be taking “action”. I told the director of my fears, so I guess we will see what happens. Unfortunately with home care, they always know where you live.
    It is bad to say but maybe this is normal behavior for her and she wont know which house done the squealing. Maybe they will look at it as a privacy issue due to your husband being her patient....

    Good luck on the new caregiver......
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    glad you reported her

    I have to say I was so stunned, I couldn't even reply. When I came back today I was happy to hear of the actions that were taken. Hope the next bunch is better. Make sure she doesn't end up with our other Indy friend.
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    News Flash on nurse wacko: I heard today from two sources (one in the agency office and one of our other nurses) that she got in trouble with this 8 year old kid case too. She attended school with him for 2.5 hours every Wednesday. The school called the parents this week and told them that she could no longer come back to the school because she was disruptive to the classroom. Can you imagine what she must have been doing in this third grade class room? I think her homecare career is over as of Monday. They are re-staffing all her shifts and have called her to a meeting on Monday.

    Cheesecake: I think I better warn our friend. Nurse Wacko is actually from his suburb. I have a feeling she may be looking for work soon. Yikes..

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    i would've told her i was bangin the couple next door as well as their dog...but i'm a young chickadee and i think i'm still able to get away with that sort of sarcasm yet.

    *sigh* one day i'll grow up

    that is one crappy nurse! i'm sure she just does it for attention. i bet her motto is : any attention is good attention.

    glad you got rid of her!
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    Ones these people get fired because of misbehavior and so on and because of real bad things that you guys think they did and might think that they might come back. Wouldn't it be better to get a restraining order against them just to be on the safe side?

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