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Thread: Ready to move out of hospital bed

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    Ready to move out of hospital bed

    Need some advice here. I'm a T11/T12 with good transfer skills and upper body strength. I'd like to finally get rid of my hospital bed and get back into a king-size adjustable bed with my Wife.

    I would like one with a side rail to assist in dressing, but it's not a real "must-have" Also, would a massage model help in preventing bed sores or do I need an air mattress overlay like I'm currently using on my hospital bed?

    Any suggestions on good models cause I'm ready to get out of this playpen (as my Wife calls it)

    Thank you.

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    Hi! My guy is t-2 through t-10 and he's always slept in a regular bed with nothing special under him. He moves around a lot in his sleep though, so if you are a "still" sleeper, you might want something to prevent skin breakdown under you. As far as dressing, he just grabs hold of the head board, which has rails/bars if he needs to roll to the right, or the side of the mattress if he needs to roll to the left. If your headboard does not have bars/rails maybe you could put some kind of sturdy hook in the wall and attach a belt or strap to it to grab onto and pull yourself by.

    Yes, I am sure you are ready to be back in your regular bed! Good luck with the "move"!
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    At your level of injury, you should not need side rails. This would limit significantly your choice of adjustable beds. At your level you should also be able to turn independently, and not need a specialty mattress or overlay.

    Most decent mattresses with a pillow-top would be sufficient (do not get an extra firm or orthopedic it too hard). When doing your skin inspection each AM, if you note any red or pink areas, then you need to either turn more often, or look into some type of pressure reducing overlay such as a good quality foam overlay like a Geomatt or Biogard AFT, but don't use that blue thin eggcrate as it is worthless for pressure reduction. Use minimal linens over any overlay, and if using foam, replace it every 6 months.

    Some people like the Select Comfort or similar bed, but it is quite expensive and we have had mixed reviews here as far as durability.


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    I am T7-8 and theoretically don't need the side rail either, but I like it. It makes dressing easier, especially when turning close to the edge. I just have a rail that tucks between the mattress and the box spring. This isn't it, but is similar.

    (a lot of the rails available are too long, you are just looking for something to grip. ) When in different beds away from home I just grab the edge of the mattress if I am close but I still like the rail. I originally had the rail since I was in a twin bed in the living room the first few weeks home, and there wasn't enough room to turn safely.
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    I'm C6 & have never used them. Learn to roll w/o having to grab anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    Learn to roll w/o having to grab anything.
    I agree. The less equipment you need on a daily basis, the more options you have. For instance, traveling.


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    I know it is scary to learn something different. But I'm a T8 and got out of my bed in two weeks.
    I didn't have anything to hold on to so I learned the hard way. Rolling around to get the job done. I would love to be your level.
    Now I have a pretty large metal head board with a pillow top mattress with a cheap egg crate on it and it works just fine. I grab hold of the head board if I need to scoot up. Hope it helps. At your level, you will be up and happening very so. Good luck.
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    Good for you, hospital beds are pretty depressing. I used one for years even though I didn't use the rails or the pulley attached to it. I got one right after my injury and it worked because it was so small in my living room. But I grew tired of looking at it. It was an eyesore.

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